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The Party Don’t Start ‘Till I Log In

I promised you guys a Tik Tok parody. XD When I promise, I deliever. Plus, this is on a less serious note than the poem/rant I posted at twelve thirty this morning…. so, without further adeu….. Use as a tune … Continue reading

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my heart aches this world is so messed up there’s bliss and suffering intermingled, a shout of joy impaled on crimson lips, the crimson flows, blood that is life and death if a tree falls in the forest with no … Continue reading

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Another Monday OF DOOM

 Why, oh epic Aloha of dewmy powahs of mass destruction and gummy bear massacre cupcakes, are you blogging when you’re supposed to be at school, I’m sure all my worried pesants are asking.  Well, all my worried pesants, I have … Continue reading

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Reasons My Friends Don’t Want to Be Seen With Me In Public

1) I have a sadistic mind. If we’re at the mall, I’ll look at the headless manikins and wonder aloud exactly what weapon was used to behead them, and who did it, and think of a backstory as to why … Continue reading

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Jammin’ With Aloha

 Yeah, well, it’s waaaay past my bedtime but I’m really bored and stuff…. so I shall enlighten you, pesants, with a nugget of wisedom (as opposed to a nugget of chicken), straight from the spazztic and confused and supreme mind … Continue reading

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Oreo Markers, Blonde Moments, Awkward FR, and Colfer Luv

 Okay, a lot has happened this past DAY. First off, thank you so much, guys!! I got 48 blog views today…. which is personally AMAZING. *issues free llamas to all her online friends* …. next up on the agenda, oreo … Continue reading

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Typical Day in the Life of a Supreme Dooming Ruler

….. it’s not at all as glamorous as you’d expect. No one adknowleges my supreriority or natural epicness. I am not hailed as the genius child of my generation; the physchological protigy of this era. Genius, as Calvin would say, … Continue reading

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