Grounded from Nano?!?!

 Yeah. You saw that title right.

Yesterday, I was grounded from NaNoWriMo. Cut off from my social life and stress relief. (Only for two days. But still.)

 Explanation? I was online when I was supposed to be doing the dishes. And things like that have been happinging for a while now. Mom and dad got sick of it.

So here I am, bemoaning my absense and ranting. Stupid dishes.

 At first, it wasn’t a problem, since I have school to look foward to (what’s that plink, plink sound? The sarcasm dripping). At least it gave me eight hours that I didn’t bemoan my absense or rant. ‘Cept to those at school who would listen. (Try it, sometime. Try ranting to all your non-nano friends about how you haven’t been on the YWP in seven hours and your hands are starting to shake a little. They will literally try to prescribe you medication.)

 ANYWAY. So I was so shaky, and the absense of NaNo was so strongly in my head, that I started to write posts in my journals. Then novel excerpts. Then character interviews between me and them. Then I jotted down notes to suggest for some plotlines, and brainstormed for November. This was while class was, yes, going on.

My science teacher thinks I take REALLY detailed notes. XD

The same thing happened when I got home from school. I wrote like crazy. Anyway.

 So, mom and dad said I was grounded from NaNo for two days. I survived the ban, methinks.

 That’s why I wasn’t on and posting like meh usual epic self, FYI. Since you were probably wondering, “Hey, where’s that totally awesome poster Aloha who’s epic characters are really cool?” I’m sure you were worrying something along those lines.

 Yeah. I’m back nao 😉 And better than ever.

Which is hard to do, since I AM totally kewlio.

I even have enough coolness authorization to say ‘kewlio’, and spell it as such. Which is a lot of coolness authorization.


 Byez for nao, all.



About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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