50 Things About Aloha

1. I’m insane.

2. I have an unnatural addiction to chocolate milk.

3. For some reason, I love to make my character’s names start with the letter A. (Alex, Aeryn, Aiden, Ashlii)

4. I’m a vegetarian.

5. It’s 9:18 at night.

6. My school started last Wednesday, and I’ve already had two Spanish orals, an English essay, four Geometry assignments, five chapters into Animal Farm, and two presentations.

7. I get between 5-7 hours of sleep on an average school night.

8. I love llamas. It’s unexplainable but true.

9. I have two younger siblings, a brother and a sister.

10. My favorite song is Hold On by tobyMac.

11. I could care less about Twilight.

12. I spend wayyy too much time on mylifeisaverage.com

13. I spend wayyyyy too much time on the internet in general.

14. I’ve never smoked or drank.

15. When my parents ground me, they either take away my books or my NaNo. It doesn’t occur to them to take away my cell phone ^.–

16. That was a really cruddy emoticon I just tried out.

17. Zuko is my homeboy.

18. When I get tired of walking, I lay down on the sidewalk and stare at the clouds.

19. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon.

20. I get confused VERY easily.

21. I’m addicted to RPGing.

22. Half of my best friends live online.

23. I’m a blonde. This may help explain #20.

24. My hair’s a dirty blonde, actually. And really long. It’s epic.

25. I spell it ‘blonde’, even though I’m not from England or anything. It just looks cooler.

26. Countries I’ve visited: U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Lame, I know.

27. The first time I saw a bald eagle in person was on vacation in Canada. XD

28. At first I thought this would be a really good idea, but now I’m tired and hungry.

29. I’m glad as heck I didn’t make this a hundred.

30. My Bible verse for this year is Romans 12:2.

31. Apparently I have two missed calls and three texts.

32. I read the Hunger Games and Eragon each in one day.

33.  The one day I read the Hunger Games was Easter 😉


35. My life isn’t really average, but it’s average in the mylifeisaverage sense of average. If you know what I mean.

36. I should be asleep.

37. I was so busying IMing I forgot to have dinner.

38. I have a Spanish spelling quiz tomorrow I haven’t studied for, but that’s okay because I know the material.

39. One of my walls is blue.

40. I used to be obsessed with Zac Efron.

41. I love Stargate, the Last Airbender, The Office, and The Middle.

42. I start to shake if my hands haven’t gripped a pen in eight hours (which is why I only sleep for seven).

43. I think in third person.

44. My record is typing 92 words per minute.

45. That’s 42 wpm faster than my technology teacher 😉

46. When I grow up, I want to be published and on the U.S. Olympic tea– HECK! Who said you have to wait until you grow up to get published?

47. Aloha is craving chocolate milk.

48. When I think of October 24, the first thought is “TWO WEEKS BEFORE NOVEMBER!!” and the second thought is, “oh, yeah, my birthday.”

49. If you read this far, you’re my best friend forever.

50. On my fourth birthday, I stuck my finger in an electrical socket and got electrecuted. My sister says this explains so much.

…..that birthday kind of stank.


About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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5 Responses to 50 Things About Aloha

  1. AJ says:

    He he I read every word of that ^.^

  2. Oh wow…that Birthday did suck…

    haha yeah I read the wholeeeeee thing…

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