Strange Days at Aloha High

….. Epically lame title. Whatever.

 This post is about the wonderously boring place I call School, Place of Doom, The Eight-Hour Heckhole, and many other things not appropriate for print. Lol. Just kidding.

 My school is really weird. We have weird teachers, weird class schedules, weird buildings, COMPLETELY wacked-out students, and just…. we’re a bizzare mix.

  Example? I’m in a math class three years higher than my actual grade level. Most of my classes are advanced. I used to be a REACH kid. But there’s NO advanced writing class. Nothing. I got a perfect score on my state standards writing test, I spend all my spare time RPing, I list writing novels as a hobby. And yet I’m stuck going over the definition of a noun.

 Like I said. Weird school.

But yesterday, ahhh, yesterday was hilarious. Okay, so our principal, let’s call her Mrs. Llama. Obviously that’s not her real name. If you happen to go to a school with a principal called Mrs. Llama, NaNoMail me. I am moving there.

 Anyway. So Mrs. Llama– you probably know the type. Very grandmother-like, but she’ll take you down if she catches you bullying or swearing. Almost like a mother hen. She has kind of a Southern accent and is nice unless you totally tick her off.

 Mrs. Llama was on the announcements, up on the TV screen, and she was going over the Code of Conduct. Naturally, no one in my Social Studies class was listening. I myself was working on a backstory scene for one of my characters.

 She goes on to discuss the rules about profanity. I quote: “I know every bad word there is. You know I would never say any of those words, and you would be shocked if I did, because I’m a good role model. Well, you all are the oldest in this school. You need to be good role models as well.”

We took this in stride. I’ve been at this school for three years, and she’s made this speech at the beginning of every semester.

Not two minutes later, then, Mrs. Llama is talking about bullying. And I quote again, “There are truly, truly horrible consequences for bullying. You can get suspended or even expelled if you go up to someone and tell them, “Hey, I’m going to kick your @$$ after school”— pardon the language–” and she continues with her speech.

 It took everyone in my room–because even my TEACHER hadn’t been paying attention to the announcements– a minute to comprehend this. At first we were all horrified.

Then it was hilarious.

 The entire rest of the day, that was a hot topic. Kids’ reactions, teachers’ reactions, even my Spanish teacher (who had been FILMING the announcements at the time XD) had something to say about it in 6th period. I’m sure Mrs. Llama must be embarassed, but for us, it was a highlight of the second week back at school.

You’re probably thinking I’m delusional and crazy for thinking this is so hilarious. But, if you go to public school, or even if you just know adults in general, think of the one teacher that’s always the ‘mother goose’ type. Who gives light deadlines on papers and smiles at the beginning of every class.

 Now imagine them cussing out on a live feed to the entire school. XD Yeah, if you can picture that, you can understand two things.

1) This is epically hilarious, and

2) My school is strange.

aLoHa oUt. ~peace, love, chocolate milk.~

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  1. Nia (writemyworld) says:

    I can hear one of my teacher people saying that. XD Excellent.

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