Artemis Rocks!!

 Okay, Wrimos. GOOD NEWS. Amazing news, really. Supurb news. In fact, this news is so awesome, here’s some words that can describe this news:

boss, dandy, divine, hunky-dorey, glorious, keen, marvelous, neat, nifty, sensational, swell, bigger than life, gutsy, mythological, celebrated, epic, genius, illustrious, paragon, idyllic, Brobdingnagian, Herculean, colossal, elephantine, enormous, breathtaking, stupefying, wonderous, zero cool.

Thanks to for that lovely Thesaurus page. But, uh, since when do we refer to things as ‘hunkey-dorey’ or ‘zero cool’? I’d add ‘nifty’ to the list of Unsaid Words, but my dad uses it more than anyone would like to admit.


What is this amazing news, you ask? What, oh Aloha, supreme nerd of epicness, could be so exciting as to inspire you to use all this fancy language and Google every positive adjective you can think up, and even some you can’t?

Well, my pesants, I shall instill in you two truths.

First, llamas are awesome.

Second, I’m going to the Artemis Rocks tour hosted by Eoin Colfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, Artemis Fowl is my future husband. For those who haven’t read the AF series, he’s a cunning, smart, brilliant, and totally hot evil genius. The books are fantasy, and under the Earth, between the crust and the outer core, is a land of magical creatures. Fairies, dwarves, goblins, pixies, trolls, centaurs…. you name it.

 Artemis finds out about the fairy world, and he decides (based on the family motto: Aurum es Potestas– Gold is Power) that there is some money to be made in this. So he goes on an epic quest (and when I say epic, I mean so totally epic that you start fangirl squee-ing whenever you hear the name ‘Artemis’ epic. Yeah.) He goes on this epic quest to bring home some of this fairy gold. Along the way, he finds the meaning of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. Okay, no, but he learns a lot.

 There are seven books in the series, and the most recent is the Atlantis Complex. Not gonna give any spoilers away, but it’s supposed to be EPIC. I haven’t read it yet. My library is slow, and I’m saving my money to go to the Artemis Rocks tour, so I can’t buy it right away. But I’ll get a copy at the event so Eoin Colfer, the amazing creator of Mr. Superhotdreamy Artemis, can sign it!!!! Hopefully. I really, really, REALLY hope so.

 Not only is there going to be a book signing, but it’s also a concert (this dude named Josh Fix–look him up on Youtube, he’s a really good singer– wrote an album to promote the 7th book and Artemis Rocks tour), talk show type thing, and there’s an actor who’s going to play Artemis and Eoin’s going to do a Q&A with this totally hot actor dude pretending to be Artemis. Which I’m totally okay with, as long as I get my copy of the Atlantis Complex signed.

So, anyway, this is how I found out about it. Yesterday I was bored and watching Artemis X Holly music videos on Youtube. The featured vid was supposed to be another music video. I clicked on it, and it was actually the Josh Fix one of him singing the song Complex: Atlantis (which is SO going on my iPod as soon as I get iTunes running again). Then there was a link to an interview Eoin Colfer did about the Artemis Rocks! tour. I freaked and went onto the official website to check it out and see if it was coming anywhere near me.

 And, llama of llamas, it was!! That was when the fangirl squee-ing began and I flipped, got so excited, emailed the link to the event to both my parents, and started begging incessantly to go. It only took 24 hours for them to wear down 😉

 So now we’re going!!!! I’m so happy. I’ll make an Artemis Fowl shirt or something, and I’m checking ALL the books out of the library so my parents can meet my future husband as well, then I’ll freak and read the grapic novels over and over and over and listen to the Josh Fix songs on repeat and scream, “D’ARVIT, I’M GOING TO ARTEMIS ROCKS!!” and doodle it in my notebook and dream about Artemis even MORE than usual, and totally be a crazed fangirl until the fateful day of the event.

 Oh, and by the way, you can now refer to me as Aloha Fowl. I will only answer to that. Or Mrs. Fowl, wife to Artemis the second, and I’ll still answer to ‘Hey, you geek!’. So you have some options here.

*huggles Artemis*

D’Arvit, I got so excited blogging about this that I let my mushroom soup get cold. Meh.

~~aLoHa fOwL

((PS… if you’re as much a fangirl as I am (*scoffs* As if), then here’s the links I was talking about, to the music videos and the website. The schedule for the tour is on ))

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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6 Responses to Artemis Rocks!!

  1. Nia Madden says:

    Ohmyfreakingosh!!!! YOU ARE KIDDING! *Hugs**Screams* I AM JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO FREAKY JEALOUS!!!!

    And yes, insane.

    BUT OMG!

  2. Amazing!! Lucky, lucky, lucky! So you are going to get your favorite book signed, right? Well then… hope that will be a great time!!

  3. faiththegeek says:

    Congratulations! You is one lucky girl 🙂

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