The Orthodonist Visit of Dooooommmm

…. yeah. If you’re wondering why my blog hasn’t been active for a few days, it’s cuz of two things. Homework, and the orthodonist.

 Let’s put this down FTW. I hate going to the orthodonist. Okay, so Mom picked me up from school (of course, like all mothers, she schedules the whole doomy affair AFTER school, where it cuts into my free time instead of my edumacation), and we drove to the ortho. I just got Mockingjay yesterday, and I’m over halfway done, and it’s so freaking good I can’t put it down. But, of course, my attempts to smuggle it in to the office were denied, and Mom grinned and took Mockingjay from me so SHE could read it.

 D’arvit, mom, REALLY? First you steal it last night, then you try to hide it this morning on my way out so I forget to take it to school, then you take it from me so you can read while this torture is inflicted upon the girl with your own life’s blood in her veins?

 Not to mention, my sister happily relieved me of my iPod.

 So, I’m practically physcho-depressed already, without Mockingjay or my iPod or the internet. Then I take these really weird X-ray things, then the ‘before’ pics (and I came straight from school, so my hair was all messed up. I’m not one of those really neat and organized people who always carries a hairbrush or just has naturally epic hair. I DO have naturally epic hair, of course. Just it un-epic-fies every time a camera or mirror comes around. So I am convinced.) Anyway, I’m pretty sure the pictures are totally horrible. Then I had to get all these rubber things stuck in my mouth while they inspected it, then a mold thing to make the braces out of, then I had to get spacers. In case you aren’t familiar with these little death traps of destruction, they’re mini rubber bands that they put around your teeth to strech them out. I got three in, and they hurt like heckles. I can’t even eat. I almost killed myself trying to eat an Oreo half an hour later.

 Where was I? Yes, of course. The bands. So I get them, then I talk to the ortho and he says I’ll be back next Monday to get the spacers changed, more molds, and some other stuff…. not really sure. I was kind of zoning out, thinking about the Hunger Games at this point.

 And the week after the week after that is the Complete Day of Doom, the day of the Offical Putting-On of the Braces. I dread it.

Except one thing ^.^ They showed me the color pallate for the bands today. I already decided. Black and gold. Black for Zuko, gold for Artemis Fowl. Or, gold for Artemis’s aspirations, and black for his personality and prefered clothing color. XD Hehe. Now I will be reminded of my fictional boyfriends wherever I go.

  Anyway, I got Mockingjay back, rode my horse, nearly died from trying to consume an Oreo (I’m having SOUP for dinner, thank you very much), took painkillers before I died a slow and rubber-band-inflicted death, and got back online. But now I must go do my homework.

Alright, well, homework and dinner and spazziness await me. Gotta go. Tty guys soo—

Waaait! Another announcement!

 I just wanted to thank ALL y’all from NaNo for logging on to read my ranting and musings, for commenting so kindly, and for being epic besties in general XD You guys rock! *tacklehugs*

Alright, NOW dinner. If these rubber bands of terror don’t kill me first.

~~aLoHa fOwL of RuBbEr-bAnd-reLAtEd DoOm

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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2 Responses to The Orthodonist Visit of Dooooommmm

  1. Nia (writemyworld) says:

    Black and gold? Wicked!

  2. Ouch sounds painful with the whole spacer and bands and the rest of whatever else you have to get. So…that dog is just adorable, huh? Well at least it is the weekend…

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