Oreo Markers, Blonde Moments, Awkward FR, and Colfer Luv

 Okay, a lot has happened this past DAY. First off, thank you so much, guys!! I got 48 blog views today…. which is personally AMAZING. *issues free llamas to all her online friends*

…. next up on the agenda, oreo markers. You probably were confused on that from my title. Unforunately, I can’t clear things up too much more, because I’m JUST as confused. Promise.

 Basically, my little brother got a pack of scented markers. Without even speaking, my sister and I knew it was out vital job to support the human race and pay the Earth back for all the oxygen we’ve been using, to sniff every single one of these markers until we couldn’t sniff no more.

 And the dark brown one smelled EXACTLY like Oreos. It was really weird. Anyhoo.

 Blonde moments. Yesterday, I was at a NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) meeting at lunch, with the rest of the ‘excelling’ kids in my grade. We were having the meeting in Portable G, which I’d never been in before but was an outside building that was pretty spacious and all.

 I sit there for ten minutes, in the second row, wondering what this room is used for. Which teacher. Is it for Biology? Spanish? Language Arts?

…. I asked one of my friends what the room was used for. She started laughing.

 Apparently, for the whole ten minutes I’d been sitting there eating lunch, I hadn’t noticed the piano right in front of me, or the “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do” written on the whiteboard…. Blonde. Moment.

Awkward Free Realms? Okay, so me and Tbstorycrafter do this epic RPing thing on there where we take characters from Zelda (Link and Zelda, Sheik, the postman), and we RP with them over Free Realms. So I made a character recently called Link Epona, and he was a guy. I am female, to clarify.

 All was good, we were running around and blasting imaginary doku toads. Then TB has to get off for bed. I go to Seaside beach because I’m really bored and that’s the congergating area when it’s late at night and you want to see if anyone else is online.

 This girl walks up to me and friend-requests me. I, forgetting my avatar is a guy, accept and say “Hi”. She says “Hello” back. Okay, fine, great, bueno. Then she says, “You know, you’re kind of cute ;).” This is when I remember I’m supposed to be a guy. I respond with, “Uh, thanks, but that’s probably just the avatar :)” because I don’t want this random chick to know I’m some creeper girl who resides in a guy avatar. She says “No, I bet ur hot in real life, 2 XD” and then “Do u have a girl?” I consider MYSELF to be that girl, so I say, “Yeah, sorry,” and she de-friends me and poofs away.

 Problem averted. Extremely embarassing situation? NSM. (Not so much). But at least I came out of it without an online girlfriend… *awkward silence*

 I’m reading every Eoin Colfer book I can get my hands on, in preperation for the big day (September 19th!! *squee*), and I can’t believe I had only read Artemis Fowl before. Supernaturalists was good, Half Moon Investigations are awesome, and Airman makes my top 10 fave books 😉

So, yeah. That’s about all that’s new. This week at school has been pretty boring. My sister’s new puppy is BEYOND adorable, and I’d say more about her incessant and probably illegal amounts of cuteness, but right now Hope is spazzing and won’t stop barking and scratching, so it’s hard to rave about her great disposition. But every other time I’ve held or loved on her, she’s just been adorable XD

 Tomorrow I’ll be online a little… it’s Saturday, so that’s good, but I’m going to the barn at seven thirty and then the mall….. cheese…. don’t ask. It’s gonna be a good day. ‘Cept all the homework. But that’s what procrastination is for, right? And Sunday nights?


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3 Responses to Oreo Markers, Blonde Moments, Awkward FR, and Colfer Luv

  1. faiththegeek says:

    ROFL! The part about the online girlfriend lol
    Also, epic oreo markers!

  2. Bush says:

    BAHA yes the girlfriend part!! 😀 I laughed out loud and my brother was asking what was so funny. 😀

  3. Tigers Eyes says:

    AIRMAN. How did I not see this post before? You are awesome forever 0.0

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