Another Monday OF DOOM

 Why, oh epic Aloha of dewmy powahs of mass destruction and gummy bear massacre cupcakes, are you blogging when you’re supposed to be at school, I’m sure all my worried pesants are asking.

 Well, all my worried pesants, I have an orthadonist appointment at ten thirty. So I’m not going to school until lunch. Hehe. I’m going to the barn in a few minutes, methinks, as soon as little brother finally gets his butt out the door. Today’s a Monday. *sigh* BUT it’s particularly doomy because of this epic new ortho thing. Except for… ya know… the orthodonist part. Pain. Aching. Fingers itching to write, type, read, listen to writing-related music, anything. And the pain. But then there’s the descriptions of the ortho, and the thinking and musing about the pain, and coming up with new character developments and plot ideas…..

 So, all in all, I think today’s going to be a normal Monday, ‘cept all the abnormalness going on.

Last night, I was petting my sister’s puppy, I had her on my lap, and I cooed, “Hope of dooooom,” (the dog’s name is Hope). My whole family started laughing. Hope of doom. Oxymoron. Atmos. Lol.

 Oh, and this is a trick I use: Oxymoron makes me think of Oxyclean. You’re a moron if you use Oxyclean. (No offense if you DO use it.) Therefore, you shouldn’t buy stuff off informercials. ‘Cause then you’re an OxyMORON. Get it?

Yeah, I know. It’s kinda sad that I need a trick to remember NOT to buy from informercials. It’s the blondeness. Heck, at least I remember. (That pancake-puff maker was a total dud, and so was the Chop and Dice or whatever it’s called. And don’t get me STARTED on Bump-its. (jking 😉 ))

Soooo…… I guess it’s time to go now. We’re taking the scooter (not, like, a Razor scooter, like, a Vespa scooter). Which is pretty durned awesome. Maybe Mom will let me drive…..??

Hehe, as if. Oh well. Have a great day, all. God bless. I’ll be working on character profiles in my head until lunch 😉

~~aLoHa oF dOOmy TOotHpAsTE

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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1 Response to Another Monday OF DOOM

  1. Titania_Silk says:

    Doomy of toothpaste?

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