Waking Up on a Wednesday

…is somehow always harder than a Saturday. I bet it’s scientifically proven or something.

If it’s not, than my future profession is a scientist. So I can prove it.

Okay, no. I’m going novelist all the way XD THAT and supreme dooming ruler of my own barn…. Olympic-calliber 3-day eventing rider? *shrug* Something to do with writing and riding, my two hobbies. Anyway.

 Today I was really sleepy. Unexplicably. I got more sleep than average last night [YOU LOST THE GAME], but the whole day today I was yawning and zoning out… Must be another side effect of the deadly condition MiddleofSchoolWeekAndNoWeekendInSight-itis. I’ve heard it can actually be fatal in some cases. Certainly in mine.

 Oh, and I finished the first Harry Potter today–long overdue, I know. I just HATE going with the crowd…. hehe…. It was good, actually. Not AMAZING, but good. Rowling has a perfect sense of pace, which always throws me off. And good charie development, lots of action, some good inside jokes… I love the Weasley twins and the Hogwartz toilet seat joke running throughout the book XD

 Right now I’m trying to study for a Spanish exam on Friday, worth major points, listening to Superchick, and trying to figure out how to NOT procrastinate more on studying for my geometry test, also on Friday.

 Dumbledore says “Always call things by their proper name, Harry…. Fear of the name increases fear of the thing itself.”  If this is true, I’ll stop bleeping out everything school-related during summer or weekends. I’ll just cross it out instead. XD That way I’m CALLING it by it’s proper name, but I don’t revolt y’all.

 So, tomorrow I have school, and lots of homework, and chores, but I get to ride Aloha. So it’s alllll good.

 AlohaFowl out, sleepily.

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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1 Response to Waking Up on a Wednesday

  1. faiththegeek says:

    I didn’t read Harry Potter until recently either, I think it’s good up to about book 4 too 🙂
    I shall not tell you any spoilers.

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