To Grandmother’s House We Go

Hello, world. Aloha’s World. The world of chocolate milk, llamas, and doom. …. That’s pretty much the underlying theme of this blog.

                Food for thought. Maybe. Still, nothing beats a good veggie burger.

                Ahh. My stomach just growled. The only things I’ve eaten today were some Cocoa Puffs in the car (which my brother stole half of, the chocolate demon), a few Fizzy Skittles (leave a weird taste in your mouth, trust me), and some black-cherry cream soda from a convenience store halfway between home and here.

                Where’s here? Well, I can’t really say, but it’s one of my grandparent’s houses. I haven ‘t been here in two years. It still smells the same. Can’t really describe it; it’s just one of those places that you can identify immediately by a smell that you’ll never forget. Bet when I’m sixty (granting the assassins fail every single night from now ‘till then), I’ll walk into some candle store and smell this smell, and exclaim, “Grandma’s house!”

                Although I think when I’m sixty, I’ll be some total NSA undercover chick who was probably breaking and entering aforementioned candle store to plant a Daisy Cutter. Just sayin’.

                (A Daisy Cutter is a nuke. Don’t ask me how I know. Probably been talking to TBStorycrafter and reading too much Alex Rider.)

                *scoff* As if there’s such a thing as too much Alex Rider. But I’m rereading deep into the first Artemis Fowl. What is this, my third, fourth time through? It’s been almost a year, though. Long story.

                So, you’re probably reading this at LEAST an hour after I wrote it. Right now I don’t have internet access, so I’m just typing all this into a Word document. I’ll upload it as soon as Mom will let me use her phone’s Hotspot. May be a while.

                I’m sleepy. Might take another nap. Went to bed at one last night and woke up at six, to ride my bike the four miles to the barn, then ride Aloha, then ride meh bike back. Then I threw the laptop and some clothes in a backpack and off we go, to grandma’s house. Literally.

                Soooo…. I’m really wishing I had internet right now. My novel’s kinda stuck, and I bet I’m missing some major RP-age. Not that it REALLY matters.

                I read a book yesterday, Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris, and let’s just say it changed my perspective on being a teenager completely. Expect to see some change in my life. I hope it’s even substantial enough for people I don’t even KNOW to notice 😉

                Yeah. And, uh, um…. Have a great Labor Day weekend, all! Last night I was trying to figure out what Labor Day was celebrating… I was praying for the whole family, and was giving thanks for the 3-day weekend, so I said, “Uh, and thanks, God, for all those who…” Trying to remember what the holiday was actually for. I ended in a weak, “for all those who give labor,” which made my whole family crack up, me included. For about ten minutes, we just cackled, it was one of those things where it’s really late at night and one funny thing sets everybody off, then you just can’t stop.

                Eventually we managed to calm down and I finished the prayer with a shred of dignity. Sort-of.

                I still don’t know what Labor Day celebrates, and I don’t have trusty Google or Wikipedia at my aid. So if one of y’all figures it out or has the powah of Google, let me know. I’d be interested to find out what gave Mrs. Llama the means to provide a full 3-day parole from the penitentiary of DOOM.

                AKA school.

                Well, I’m gonna go get some foodstuffs (even supreme dooming rulers need their emergency rations, not to mention starved teenagers), so I’m gonna head out. Try to sneak back in with a veggie burger and some WiFi. We’ll see.

                ~~aLoHaFoWl oUt

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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10 Responses to To Grandmother’s House We Go

  1. faiththegeek says:

    HAHA! No literally. I was reading the part about labor day and I was trying hard not to laugh, me being in the front room and my mom and dad right there.. I ended up laughing so hard I couldn’t read that part out loud to my mom. Utterly hysterical. Thank you for your uplifting, epic blog of doom. I love it.

  2. Mercy (blalackbear) says:

    Labor Day celebrates the laborers (like as in labor unions), because they were on strike and the president thought that would make them feel better. At least, that’s what Google said.

  3. Nia (writemyworld) says:

    I read Do Hard Things, too! Is it awesome or what???

    Thank you, Mercy.

    I need to read Alex Rider…

  4. SDRAloha says:

    Thanks Faith XD And thank you Mercy for the clarification 😉

    YES Nia, Alex Rider is a must. I’ll let you have him, because I have Artemis now, but just know that for about two years he was my main fictional boyfriend XD When I have SO many, that should tell you how much I loveded him. Which was a lot. You have to read those books =D

    Do Hard Things was the best nonfiction book I’ve ever read… My application essay for the Rebelution website is still being processed XD.

  5. Nia (writemyworld) says:

    I officially have the next Alex Rider book on hold. :]

    Ha ha. Awesome.

    • SDRAloha says:

      Epic!! Tell me what you think. And tell me he’s NOT totally hot. No, wait, you can’t, cuz it’ll never happen.

      Alex Rider forever!! (He also happens to have an epic name XD Although maybe I’m biased….)

  6. Nia (writemyworld) says:

    Hot guys with epic names forever. ❤


    Mom says we can go to the library tonight. BUT WHOEVER CHECKED OUT A COPY OF STORMBREAKER STILL HAS IT. Grr. Don't they know I NEED it?


  7. Titania_Silk says:

    Hmmm…. I need to read Artemis Fowl. Espically now that I just found out that he’s 12 (Thank you Amazon!).

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