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Write or Die

…I know, three posts a day PLUS a novel excerpt section is a little much. But 1) the first post was what I actually DID today, 2) the second post was to let you know I have the novel excerpt … Continue reading

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New Page!!

 Yeah, I finally got around to actually adding some novel excepts to the “Novel Excepts” page. Yaaaaay.  I’ll change the excerpt every week or so, if I remember. If I don’t, remind me. XD Y’all know how well my memory … Continue reading

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Zombie Prom, Mucking Races, and Mooore Artemis

 It’s Aloha. No duh.  So… these past two days have been pretty epicfully busy. Yesterday after I blogged, I nanoed, submitted my Rebelution application, IMed, and ate veggie burgers until Mom and Dad said we were going into town.  We … Continue reading

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