Zombie Prom, Mucking Races, and Mooore Artemis

 It’s Aloha. No duh.

 So… these past two days have been pretty epicfully busy. Yesterday after I blogged, I nanoed, submitted my Rebelution application, IMed, and ate veggie burgers until Mom and Dad said we were going into town.

 We took the scooters (as aforementioned, Vespa-type, not, like, Razor, I-can’t-ride-a-bike-yet-but-this-is-better-than-walking scooter. Think motorcycle, but kewler) into town. There was a band, and we walked around, I commented to Dad everything that could be turned into a novel conspiracy plot ( Me:”that guy selling honey on the corner could very well be the backbone to an important transaction involving nuclear weaponry and the political power of countries… Would anyone EXPECT it? Huh?”  Dad: “No, Aloha…. no one except you would assume the guy selling honey would hold the key to the next Cuban election.” Me: “Ah-ha! This is pure noveling genius! Total twist ending!” Dad: *mumbles something about paranoia*)

 If you’re reading this, you honey-vendor, I’m on to you.

 So then we went around looking for dinner, but every resturant had closed (it was nine thirty, ‘rents didn’t understand why no one was OPEN… *headlaptop*) so we ended up getting frozen pizzas from the grocery store. Which wasn’t bad, although the crust strikingly ressembled (and tasted like) cardboard. But cardboard doesn’t have a bad taste, necessarily. Interesting? Yeah.

 Not that I would know that or anything.

 So then today we were walking around ’cause they had all these Labor Day (for the workers of labor UNIONS, thank you, Mercy) festivities. I came up with another conspiracy plot when a lady wearing a cupcake outfit was handing out cupcakes. I ate one. I haven’t died yet.

 It’s only a matter of time…. *cackle*

 So then I was walking down the street, all cool-like, and there was a flyer on one of those telephone-pole things for a Zombie Prom. So. Cool. Mom said that OUR town doesn’t have a zombie prom, that she knows of (yes, I asked), but still, wouldn’t that be awesome?? Wearing these totally torn-up rags and gritty makeup and fake blood and enjoying a night of dancing and gore?

 I don’t think Mom thought SHE would enjoy it, but she said maybe I would.

 Now I’ll be so disappointed at the real prom. D’Arvit. Maybe I’ll come down here again when I’m old enough ^.^

 Then they were advertisting a Mucking Race, where you basically had to scoop this huge pile of dirt into an old mine cart, and whoever had the fastest time won. I don’t really know what the point of this was…?? But I thought it was cool, so I entered.

 It was hard work. Everyone was cheering me on. I scooped it all into the mine cart in 1:13. I was the first to go, so we sat and waited for the others to go. Some of the boys were REALLY fast. One kid (the winner) got 98 seconds.

 They had cash prizes for #1-3. I’m pretty sure I came in fourth. Ahh, well. Good times. It was fun. I mucked.

 Finished rerererererereading Artemis Fowl again. You think I’m exaggerating? I’m not. Sorry. Believe it. Embrace it. Love it. (But don’t love Artemis. That’s MY job. Just back off the diabolical genius and nobody gets hurt.)

 Seeewwww……. I should probably work on homework, since I won’t feel like it tomorrow. And it’s one of my Steps to Becoming a Rebelutionary, to no longer procrastinate. There’s some other steps too. But you’ll find that out later.

 I’ll be back on NaNo tomorrow, as customary. Ready to tear down the forums with my chocolate-milk-induced doom.

 Speaking of chocolate milk…. peace out, suckas. You lost the game. ((Ohh, remind me to tell you THAT story XD))

~~aLoHaFowL, 4th-place MucKeR of DoOm aNd fUtUrE zOmBie QuEeN

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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11 Responses to Zombie Prom, Mucking Races, and Mooore Artemis

  1. Tigers Eyes says:

    Artemis?? no!!! he is mine! *snatches*
    Did you read the new book, Aloha?

    • SDRAloha says:

      No, but I will as SOON as I can get my hands on it. Can’t wait XD I’ve already read the first two chapters, from the website, and read every Eoin Colfer interview about it that he’s done, but I haven’t read the whole thing, no. Will do though!! *snatches back*

  2. faiththegeek says:

    No! Don’t do that you cruel ruthless doomtastic person! Grr. I was trying to get back up to I was before tsuro brought me down!

  3. Mercy (blalackbear) says:

    You’re welcome. I’m SO jealous of your conspiracy-seeing abilities.

  4. invadermyna says:

    Your paranoia is striking, even by my standards, and I’m schizophrenic. XD Atmos. And mucking? That sounds like epic, albeit strange, fun XD

    • SDRAloha says:

      Well, I’m not really overly paranoid like that… it’s just that, when I’m bored, I play a little game with myself called Let’s Spot the Potential Assasin and All the Ways He Could Maul the Group of People You’re In. Or something like that.
      The board-game version is being beta-tested and may be released in time for a Christmas opening.

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