Practically Weekend

So close, yet so far away. Friday. Friday. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Friiiiiiiday.

You’d think I’d want it to be the weekend already or something.

So it’s almost time to go home (from school) and Redwingwriter21 and I are finished with our project. This is tech class. So yaaaay, WordPress isn’t blocked on the school servers. Hence the postage. Postingness? PostfullDOOM?

It’s really cold in here. But our writing teacher said we might be able to do NaNo as a class project, which makes me MUCHO excited. MUCHO. You can tell I’m excited by the poorly executed Spanglish.

Heck, is there such a thing as WELL executed Spanglish?

Today I have so much homework I won’t be on NaNo or anything tonight. So much homework. And Worship Team at church, and a lesson at the barn. So much homework. Geometry, study for a Latin roots test, an essay I’ve only written a vague rough draft of, a picture (literally) made out of words… (not a thousand, though *sweatdrop*), and some Science stuff I’ve been procrastinating on all week.

The joooooys of school. Joooooyyyy. Joooyoyoyoyoyoyoyo.

…..Yeah. No. Yup. Nom. (Latin for name–see, I’m studying AND blogging! Thus justifying this quickly-written computer-lab post! Yaay for logical fallacies!)

Shiver, shiver, brrr. Heck is it cold in here.

Oh, and you guys, I’ve been getting all y’alls comments lately and stuff, but just recently I found out that a bunch of you have blogs. Like, some of you I already knew, but some I didn’t. To clarify for any of the ‘as-confused-as-Al0ha-usually-is’ readers.

So, if I haven’t already commented on your blog, then there’s a 1000000% chance that I don’t even know you have it. Send me a nanomail or leave me a comment with your URL. Seriously. Anti-doom if you do. Doom if you don’t.
Imminent doom. Doom all around. Doom on the house. Doom on me. DOOM!!

I get carried away sometimes.

So, this weekend, I also won’t be on NaNo at all, ‘cept maybe late Friday night. Why? Why? WHY? WHY?!?!

Well, *squee* I’m going to be in a…. *moment of suspense* BOOK TRAILER!

Okay, so my mom’s friend is an author. Who just got the O.K. from one of the publishing companies she sent her book to, that they’re actually gonna do their epic thing and, y’know, publish it. And for advertising purposes, my mom’s friend is making a book trailer to post on Amazon and all that when she markets the book.

One of the characters in the book is an angel. So, naturally, she asked me to play the part. 😉 I’m sure you can–DOOM!– see the resembalance.

It’s gonna be filmed in an abandoned mine. Totally epic. And that’s why I won’t be on at all this weekend. Only downside? Waking up at 5:00 A.M. (yes, you heard me right–*AM*) on a Saturday morning. So, that stinks. But it’ll be worth it.

What I can’t stop dreaming about is when I get published, and make a book trailer XDXDXD Can you say total epicsauce??

Oh, another downside. One of the other “actors”, per se, gets to use fake blood that looks totally awesome. Me? I’m an angel. I have to wear all this white frilly stuff I wouldn’t wear in a jazillion years if it were up to me.

But it’s not. So I am. Whatever. Get off my back.

Seeeewww…. epicness all around. And— YES!! We’re leaving school in exactly eight minutes. Better get my stuff together.

I’ll post again Friday night, hopefully…. and then maybe either late Saturday night or early Sunday.

LLAMAS! Peace out! Lost the game.

~~alohafowl of angelic DOOM

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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4 Responses to Practically Weekend

  1. Darn you with your game losingness! XD so sis, what author is it? Or can you not say because then we will figure out who you are?

  2. That sounded kinda stalkerish, didn’t it.

    • AlohaFowl says:

      XD No, trust me, I recently learned that you shouldn’t greet someone with “Hello, I know where you sleep.”

      So, stalker-wise, *shrug* I know where you’re coming from XD.

      Um, I can post a link to the book and stuff once it’s published… I don’t even know the name of the novel yet LOL. You guys will know when I do. She doesn’t have a book page up yet or anything, but I can link to it eventually.

  3. Thanks for the comment about me being funny. It made my day. : ) same to you, although my computer lab blocks all blogs so you make me laugh at home.

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