The Good, the Bad, and the Floofy

 Tooooodaay was pretty durned awesome. It was the book trailer shoot for my mom’s friend’s almost-published novel. XD Here’s what we did. I’m too lazy to actually form paragraphs, so I’ll do it in the Typical Day in the Life of a Supreme Dooming Ruler-esque format.

3:00 am– I attempted to wake up.

3:30 am–I attempted to wake up, again.

4:00 am– Mom woke me up. I stayed concious for longer than five seconds. Score.

4:30 am– We left home, bleary-eyed, with hot chocolate and microwaved waffles. My hair was still in the rag curls, so I had no idea how it was going to turn out. I looked pretty ridiculous.

5:30 am– Got to the author’s house. The other two ‘actors’ were there, and we all carpooled. My mom’s friend undid my hair, and it was so darn curly it only fell to my shoulders. I was: 0.o

6:00 am– Took the car alllll the way to this sand-dune thinggy. It was SO cold. SO cold. SO COLD. I was FMBO. So cold. Had my first scene, and the other two did some epic archeologist-esque stuff, too. It was so cold. But cool. The sun finally went up and it started to get warmer.

7:00 am– We finished shooting all the sand-dune “Sahara” scenes and took the car a couple miles down the road to the mines where we were filming the other scenes. There was a mining safety class and we all got suited up with belts, carbon-monoxide converters, headlamps, and helmets. Oh, and ID tags, in case, y’know, we died down there or something. Good stuff.

7:30 am– Started shooting in the mines. My scene wasn’t for a while, so I brought my Harry Potter down in there and read with my headlamp. Proving you really CAN read a good book anywhere. The mines were really epic. Can’t wait to see the finished footage.

8:00 am– It was my big mine scene. Wasn’t really that big at all, but I had to do it about seventeen times over. I don’t think I mentioned this yet, but my costume was the curly hair and the biggest durnedest floofiest white billowy dress you’ve ever imagined, and then add ten more layers of floof to THAT. Floof to the max. X-treme floof. Got floof? Aloha does.

 So, anyway, the mine scene was just me walking from point A to point B, but I couldn’t wear my glasses in any of the actual shots, so I was tripping like heck. Plus, the lighting kept getting screwed up and everything, and we had to do it a couple times at different angles.

 I know. Floof and tripping. My life is horrible.

8:30– I was done with the floof dress and mine scene, so I went back to the car to get some fruit and read Harry Potter until my next scene. Finished the Chamber of Secrets. Poor Ginny *shakes head slowly* Never saw it comin’.

9:30– The rest of the mine scenes were finally done. We took off all our equipment and returned the ID tags. Still alive. Yaaaay. I changed into my Greek Slave costume, which was really just the Mary outfit from the Christmas program at church. Hey, it works, right?

9:45 am– Did my Greek Slave scene. Kept tripping on the Mary-dress, ’cause I still couldn’t see, and there were these pothole things on the way down. It was pretty funny, actually. Well, for everyone else, who kept laughing. I didn’t find the humor.

10:00– Finished shooting that. I thought I was done, then, but it turned out they forgot some footage back at the dirt mound/ Sahara desert. So more floofiness.

11:00 am– DONE filming. Well, almost. I’m done. There’s just a few more shots of the others. So I un-floof and sit to reread Mockingjay until they’re done.

11:45 am– We pack up, head back home.

12:30– Drop everyone else off at author’s house to get their cars. I fall asleep on the way home

1:00 pm– Get home ourselves. I immediately go up and take a nap.

 Sooooo….. the trailer won’t be ready for a couple of weeks to a couple of months, I was told. I can’t wait to see the footage ^.^

 They kept telling me to smile, and I thought I was smiling, but then they said I was smirking. Artemis has affected me. *sigh*

 Speaking of which, next weekend is Artemis Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaand Tuesday is the Day of Doom, when I actually get my braces on.

 So. Peace out— oohhh, and my writing teacher said we could do NaNo as a class assignment, AND I have a new perfect epic awesome novel idea. It’s top-secret (meaning I really know nothing yet). So ‘s allllll gooooood.

~aLohA fOwL of Fl00F

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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6 Responses to The Good, the Bad, and the Floofy

  1. Nia (writemyworld) says:

    People tell me I smirk, too! My cousin (who’s an actual MODEL) gave me all of these tips on smiling and then she tells me I look fake and all of this stuff….

    I would never survive in her world of cheerleading and pageantry.

    Alex Rider is at the library, but I can’t convince Mom it’s time to go to the library again yet… 😦

    • AlohaFowl says:

      XD Yeah I have to drag my ‘rents there about once a week, too….
      Who among us WOULD survive in the world of cheerleading and pageantry? *smirk*
      See what I did there? No? That’s okay. I didn’t either.

      • Nia (writemyworld) says:

        GOT IT! OMZ, I’m only on, like, page 23 and I love it. ^^

        I know… 😮

      • AlohaFowl says:

        Ohmigosh…. luuuucky!! Save some Artemis for me. XD

        I’ll be getting it on Sunday, actually…. hopefully a signed copy *faints*

        Ten rupees I’ll read the entire thing in the car on the way home. Make it twenty rupees.

  2. So I guess that the filming went pretty good, Aloha. Braces, that doesn’t sound like fun. 😦

    • AlohaFowl says:

      Yeaaaah…. more on those later >.>
      Despite my solid claims that I am DONE and OVER with the provacative concept of procrastination, I seem to have some strange radiation that attracts it to me, imminently and unavoidably….
      Long story short, still haven’t done the math homework. XD

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