New Format and Cardboard Kirk

 Yeah, you probably noticed (and if you didn’t…. I have nothing to say to you) that I changed the formatting of my blog. Yep. Just… okay, that wasn’t really worth putting out there. This whole paragraph should probably be deleted. But it won’t be, because this is a rambling blog, so…. But it’s gonna be really pathetic if I start rambling about rambling. Moving on.

 Watch my video down there ~~V *points to vid* I made it…. boredom…. procrastination….. Yeaaaah. You know the type. Done with the homework due tomorrow, but don’t really feel like working on the stuff due Wednesday, so you pretend to be working on homework while actually blogging?

 *nod* Life is good. You have no idea how many Sour Patch Kids Gummy Treats I consumed today. Tryin’ to cram in a year and a half to two years worth, since tomorrow= end of sour epicness as we know it.

 Of course, nobody really listens to the orthodonist like that. So I think I’ll be okay.

 Sorry I haven’t been on NaNo lately, guys…. I’m at school eight hours a day, obviously, and when I’m not, I’m either doing homework, riding Aloha, consuming the amount of food a typical teenager eats in a day, or sleeping. (I actually DO that sometimes, y’know.)

 So, forgive my absence. And if you can’t, get over it. Take it up with Mrs. Llama (aforementioned school principal, see past blog posts) if you want.

 “Heeey, Aloha’s principal…. Yeah, anyway, so I was wondering if you could specifically NOT give Aloha eighty hours of homework a night, so that she can hang out with all her virtual friends and stuff….. Ok, well, thanks!”

 Not to mention you’d have to Skype her or something, anyway.

 Not to mention, WTL (why the llama) would you want to Skype my principal, anyway?!


 So last night, youth group was pretty epic. It was our Lawn Ornaments Night Out. We all had teams, and we had to take these lawn ornaments (think lawn gnomes, garden decals, cardboard cutouts, etc) out for a “night on the town”.

 My team consisted of my two best friends in the youth group. Our assigned lawn ornament was a life-sized Captain Kirk cardboard cutout from Star Trek. He was totally awesome.

 So we took Kirky (my pet name for the fictional guy) to Starbucks, the grocery store, we had him posing with paramedics, asking strangers out on a date (they both said yes, obviously), at school, being interviewed by a random person, on the swingset, talking with another lawn ornament, in front of a random person’s front door, eating Chinese food, driving the car…..

 It was mucho fun. Nerd fun. Which is my type of fun.

 Of course, the prize for winning was a lawn gnome to take home. We all wanted Kirk, but he wasn’t up for sale. So I grabbed this total clishe-looking gnome thing. Gonna have some fun with a “The lawn gnome stalks you” type thing. Still working out the deets.

 Oh, and the icebreaker at youth group last night was “If there was a movie about your life, who would play you?”. Naturally, I said Chuck Norris, even thought I’m a teen girl. Let’s just say I gained the respect of the entire group AND a free pass to the snack bar for my epicness.

 Chuck Norris rules. He can also provide you with free Sunchips, apparently.

Sunchips: The Natural Epicness.

Aloha: So Naturally Epic That Sunchips Look Like Big-Macs In The Natural Department.

Yeah. I shop in the Naturally Epic department. Designers? Waldo and Chuck Norris.

But I can never seem to find the Waldo line.

Alright. Done rambling for the night. Gotta go to bed.

‘LoHaFoWl outtttt. Chuck Norris won the game, and you lost.

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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2 Responses to New Format and Cardboard Kirk

  1. faiththegeek says:

    Dadburnit Aloha! If I lose the game one more time on YOUR blog, I’m going to stop reading your blog. And stop having a reason for laughing at um 11:30 at night O.o and that would be sad. I don’t want to lose the game! *pouts*

  2. Nia (writemyworld) says:

    You got a giant Kirk??? *Scream*


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