Nerd Alerts

 I know I promised I’m the Nut. But Arty will last forever; obviously. And since I’ve been grounded from the computer and cut off from (snicker if you will, but I bet if you’re reading this, it’s true for you too) cut off from my online social life. Seriously, chatrooms and NaNo are how I enjoy spending my Friday nights. That and riding my horse, and jammin’ to All Caps…..

 *Nerd Alert*

 This week, I realized a few things. 1) I cannot function without the internet. 2) Geometry and YouTube cannot coexist. 3) The songs you hate get stuck in your head easier than the ones you’re desperately trying to keep in. 4) I really need to get to bed, since it’s almost midnight and I have to get up at six tomorrow for the aforementioned horse show…. Er, wait, was it aforementioned? If not, here:

Horse show. Tomorrow. Won’t be on except MAYBE laaaate at night. We’ll see. Probably not. But hopefully so.

Just so that’s cleared up.

Yesterday my writing teacher complimented me in front of my entire Lit Arts class on the essay I did a few weeks ago, saying, “You must have put a LOT of thought into this essay, it was well-planned out and your voice was strong. I loved it and the time you put into it.”

Dare I admit I pulled an Aloha and did the entire essay at 10 pm the night before it was due? That I hadn’t planned at all, and had honestly forgotten about it until that point, and I put about twenty minutes into it?

Uh, heck no. I just smiled and said thank you. Sometimes you have to know when to shut up and tell half the truth. This was one of those times.

Also, I found out a guy in my History class plays the Game, too. You just lost. And I lose every morning at quarter after eight.

Haven’t strangled him yet, but if I keep losing the game, I– Er, just realized I can’t make threats about people who constantly make other people lose the game. Because I am one of those people. Rawr.

I’m halfway through the 7th Harry Potter. Okay, everyone who told me I HAD to read the series: You were right, I was wrong. It’s an awesome series and I should never judge a book by it’s cover or popularity. I’m a Ravenclaw.

As for Twilight: Don’t push me. I’m as stubborn as my horse. I’ll read about sparkly vamps when I FEEL like it.

Fablehaven wasn’t at the school library, for some reason. But since there’s apparently zombies and more hot guy protagonists, I must find this series. Gotta go to the public library again soon anyway. *nerd alert*

 Yeaaah, this is a kickin’ awesome Friday night. Watching book trailers, blogging, and lamenting the loss of all those beautiful threads during the GTW. (Great Thread Wipe). *Sob*.

 ….Er, should I say Saturday morning, because it’s past midnight, show tomorrow, all my homework left, thinking of new nano usernames, and a little more Harry Potter before I start my REM. *nerd alert*

….I think I should have one of those Potter Stinks flashing badges that instead says Nerd Alert. It would be helpful in alerting those who wish not to sit/stand/begin a discussion with me.

 Then again, that can also take the form of a Mockingjay pin or a NaNoWriMo badge. Hm, I like those options better. Heck, even a Vote Diggory or whatever badge would get the message across: I am a nerd, fear my nerdy awesomeness.

 I’ll post something more substantial later. I had some new ideas for song parodies this week. This is where you go “Uh-oh” and back away slowly. ‘Cuz when Aloha gets an idea, something usually blows up.

Er, no, that’s only when I get a brilliant idea involving a marshmellow and our home microwave.

(In my defense, how was I supposed to KNOW that would happen?!)

AlohaFowlofCardboardDoom (*nerd alert*)

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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3 Responses to Nerd Alerts

  1. haha! I am so thankful I read these alone in my room, I always end up laughing and I’d rather not get odd stares from my family. Anyway, yes! Read the Fablehaven series, there are Zombies *nods* And Gavin. I actually, erm. Had a slight crush on him at one point. Okay, I still do. Whatever. He’s cute, okay? Anyway, keep on blogging and someday I must hear about the rest of your day with Artemis Fowl!

  2. Nia says:


    Fablehaven is epic.

    Yes, Faith. He is.

  3. Tigers Eyes says:

    i did the marshmallow thing….*angel eyes* it worked for me, oh dooming ruler.

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