Musings From Above Planet Earth

                I’m sitting on a plane right now, ten thousand feet about the Earth, blogging.

Gotta love dedication. XD

 It’s fall break this week, and my whole family’s flying out to spend some time with our relatives. It should be fun, but cold. I can already tell that from the thickness of the jackets we’re bringing. But we get to spend time on the lake, and I’ll be reading and posting and just hanging out… with plenty of blogging, too. And NaNo planning…. Eh. I have LOTS of work to do to plan for November. Can’t believe it’s already October…. Time flies.

So does Aloha, apparently. Haha. Ignore my puns. Pretty sure it’s just exhaustion, boredom, and the fact my ears are popping constantly.

Heh. The lady at the announcer thing said they were coming around selling “Lifesaver Gummies.” I thought she said “Lightsaber Zombies.”

I would rather have a lightsaber zombie than a lifesaver gummy. Just sayin’.

 My family was shocked when they opened my backpack and I had managed to sneak the entire DragonKeeper chronicles series (five books), Do Hard Things, The Atlantis Complex, Artemis Fowl: The Graphic Novel, my Bible, Flipped, four writing notebooks, and all my schoolwork inside my backpack.

It weighs about forty pounds, but I couldn’t help myself. Only ten books for a week? I might starve of lack of reading material. At home I have so many books they don’t all fit in my ROOM.

There are worse addictions to have. (Speaking of which, I’m also running on three glasses of chocolate milk.)


I’ve been working on my novel while we’re boredly sitting here. Making a list of my characters and everything that motivates them. This is one thing I wish I’d had during Brite Starr and Lost World, because I felt I didn’t REALLY know my characters that well enough. Sure I knew their general personalities, but I had neglected to examine what really DRIVES them on in the plot. And that’s one of the most important underlying themes of any good character-based novel, which my NaNo one will (hopefully) be. All the good books are character-based.

Well, all the normal books. I’ve read some specifically targeted towards teen boys, and those are mostly just violence, swearing, and sensual content. I would be ashamed to be a teen boy in that reading market.

But I can’t really be talking. Teen girl fic isn’t great either. It’s all so… shallow. Like they don’t expect us to be able to understand anything less than utterly trivial. Every teen girl fic is centered around guys, the unfairness of parents, friend drama, and popularity.

 Hey, teen fic authors? Just a hint—I myself am a teen girl. I’m not worrying about guys until I’m older, my parents are generally pretty fair, I have almost no friends (and very little drama with those I do have), and I make no attempt to be popular or have anything to DO with popularity.

Then again, I am the minority. Maybe I should shut up and let you write your shallow fiction so the shallow kids can eat it up.

That is granting they can even read.

Oh, so speaking of which, today I was watching Harry Potter on the drive to the airport. It was the second movie, actually, the Chamber of Secrets.

It was the part where (*spoiler of sorts, if you haven’t read the second book*) Harry, Ron, and Hermoine drank the Polyjuice potion to become Crabbe, Goyle, and the cat (on accident, haha).

They run into Malfoy in the hall, and after Percy runs off, Malfoy turns to Harry/Goyle and says, “Wait, why are you wearing glasses?”

Harry/Goyle, having forgotten than Goyle doesn’t WEAR glasses, didn’t take them off. So he hastily whips the glasses off, stuffs them in his pocket, and mutters, “Er, reading glasses.”

Malfoy looks confused. “I didn’t know you could read.”

I laughed so hard… and told my sister, brother, and dad who were in the car with me about the scene. I was actually the only one cracking up hysterically, if you can believe it.

 Of course, I had headphones in and was watching it on a mini DVD player, so they couldn’t hear it. And I may not’ve explained the scene so well. “Hahahaha, Goyle can’t read!!” I can’t really blame them for not joining in on my hysterical laughter.

There’s no WiFi at ten thousand feet above the United States. Just in case you were wondering. (I’m writing this into a Word document to post it when we get to my grandparents’ house.)

We’ll be there all week, not getting back until NEXT Sunday. The dogs are at a friend’s house, my horse is being taken care of by other friends.

My grandparents will take care of us. 😉 My grandma always puts ice cream and cinnamon apples in our oatmeal, so you wake up and are like, “am I dreaming?!”

Also, there’s this one spot on her couch where if you really squeeze yourself into the corner and hold the laptop against the wall, you can tap into the neighbor’s WiFi. Plus Mom has that mobile hotspot on her phone. So we’ll be pretty good to go, blog-wise. I may be posting a little less than usual, just because we’ll be busy hanging out. But since there’s no school this week, it’s still better than usual.

Yes, I’ll get around to posting the second half of I’m The Nut! this week. Thanks for reminding me, guys, I’ve just been really busy and really lazy. The two CAN coexist. I’m busy almost all the time, but when I’m not, I don’t really feel like posting it. But I will sometime this week. Maybe today if I’m bored enough on the plane, although I think I’m gonna log off and read Flipped. I’m on page seventy-something. It’s really good. The movie’s coming out, too. I got really excited when we saw the preview in the theaters, because I thought it was narrarated by Dante Basco (aka ZUKO!!). But it turns out it was just some random Australian kid who sounded so much like him, there was actually an page titled ‘Is Dante Basco the Voice Narraration in Flipped?’

See? I’m not TOTALLY mental. Or at least there are other people in the world that are equally as spastic.

But I should know that from spending time on the YWP. Haha.

Peace in, AlohaFowl out.

UPDATE: Okay, I wrote that yesterday, but didn’t get WiFi until today. So we’ve just been hanging out… today’s my Grandma’s birthday and I think we’re going to the lake this afternoon. Two days without  NaNo and I’m starting to get a little shaky. Luckily I got a lot done novel-planning wise. THANK YOU Mr. J for the plot planning exercise. It’s helped a lot… Now I have a solid summary of my novel, should I get discouraged during the course of November and wish I’d never started.

This novel is going to be pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. I’ve been watching these November Pep videos all weekend (that I’ve had internet). The NaNoWriMo song, the 1,667 Words song, and some of the other just “Go ninja!” type, “you can kick some literary butt” type stuff.

I also wrote a song about Mockingjay… full of spoilers though. Maybe I’ll post it somewhere sometime.

Alright, well, I’ve finally got WiFi so I’m gonna post this. Talk to y’all later!! ~AlohaFowl

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9 Responses to Musings From Above Planet Earth

  1. Sooo jealous … today is the only day we have off till Thanksgiving.

  2. Nia says:

    Wow…. 😀

  3. Another blog that cracked me up. *shoves Aloha* Now get I’m the Nut done so I can read it! Now I better go before my mom gets mad at me for typing…. again.

  4. Varon says:

    I know of a really good character development thing if you’re interested.

  5. Tigers Eyes says:

    You shoulda taken the gummys. They help a LOT with the ear popping…

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