Random Dewm

I wrote a couple new parodies. One was for TBStorycrafter (nao DTCrystalkeeper)’s BIRTHDAY today!!. Then yesterday our internet was down and all I had was the laptop. I typed out some planning stuff for NaNo I’d been writing up on the plane Sunday, but I was still bored so I opened up iTunes to see what songs I could do parodies of.

 Most of our library was Christian music, and since I’m not going to do parodies of any of those, I went through my younger sister’s stuff. She had a bunch of Taylor Swift, but I actually like Taylor. She had some Aly and AJ, but it was a Christmas album. Aaaand that’s when I hit the motherload.

My sister had three entire Hannah Montana CDs on our iTunes. She might have slightly wacked-out taste, but as for my parodyness, it worked. So I wrote a couple HM parodies, which can obviously be found on my Song Parodies page. *points to links below her epic banner thinggy*. I’ll also post TB’s birthday song.

Today we went to see Secretariat. It was good. One of those movies where you drink an entire soda, really have to go to the bathroom, but it’s such a good movie you don’t want to leave for five minutes and miss a giant plot point. So you lean forward in your seat and try to ignore your growing need to go to the bathroom, but you spend half the movie thinking about how to minimize this need, and by the time the movie’s over you’re wishing you’d actually gone because you would have paid more attention.

If this only happens to ME, I’m gonna feel really stupid right now. XD

Anyway, I would reccomend it. It focused more on the protagonist and not so much the horse, but I can see why… they fit plenty of racing in there. Some of the shots were amazing. And, being a crazed, overly bored writer, I was analyzing the screenplay. It was well-written, if not a little overly-dramatic at parts. Whoever was in charge of the cameras did a great job. There were alternative shots, like a race from the horse’s hooves or a shot where the two characters just walked along this long corridor, and you couldn’t hear what they were saying but could pick out the general theme just because of body language, that made it a WOW movie.

It probably would have been an OHWOW movie, had I not had to go to the bathroom the whole time.

We’ve been out at my grandparents’ lake cabin for the past two days. Except yesterday I left my flashdrive there (yes, I’m that dorky kind of person who keeps a flashdrive in their pocket. Heck, at least I don’t wear it on a lanyard around my neck. Although I’ve been thinking I might do that in November… just to quite literally have my novel on-hand).

Anyllama, I left my flashdrive with both novels and a bunch of schoolwork on the counter at the cabin. I backed most of the stuff up, but not all of it, so I’m really glad we’re going back later in the week.

My sister and I went out on the paddleboat. For some reason, there’s this one paddle (the one you put your left foot on), that whenever I look at it, the first word that comes to mind is “zombie”. And sometimes I express this urge out loud.

Just another example of how my brain was short-wired when I was born. I have NO idea why I associate paddle-boating with zombies. Maybe because in most cheesy stories, the zombies rise from a lake? No, wait, I’m getting zombies mixed up from the trailer of New Moon or something. Although I can’t remember if it was the werewolves or the vampires that came up out of the lake.

Does it really matter?

Ohsnap it’s almost 12:30 in the brilliant morning. That’s okay, though. I’ve been sleeping in really late all this week. And ignoring all my homework. Spanish is gonna kill next week.

I’ll suffer for this later, peasants. That I can promise you.

But, that’s later….. and as for now, I think there’s a little thing called YouTube that’s calling my name….

*squeaky voice* “Alooooha!! Come here! We have cooookies!! And zombie paddleboats of doom…..”

I bet y’all are happy I don’t come up with the voices of YouTube.


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2 Responses to Random Dewm

  1. Mercy says:

    Don’t worry, your twin does that too. (One time I did that in church. It was a really good sermon.)

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