Feelin’ So Fly

To start off, I’m sorry for not posting since last llama’d WEDNESDAY. =(

Life has been busy. And I was writing this brilliant song parody about waffles last night, almost done, aaaaalmost done, and Mom made me go to bed.

And now it’s on the other computer and I’m too lazy to move across the room to post it. So I’ll put it on tomorrow.

GUESSWHATGUESSWHATGUESSWHAT? So, what do all these things have in common?

~A NaNoWriMo t-shirt

~A signed poster of David Hewlett

~The Artemis Rocks tour


~An amazing gift card to Barnes & Noble ❤

~An EPIC pic of two OCs, a hilarious animation where the cake goes kersplody (it was the llama), and several beyond-epic song parodies and recordings?

~A t-shirt that says, “Vegetarians don’t eat their friends” and has a bunch of insanely cute animals on it.

Weeelll…. they’re all things I got for my birthday. Which was coincidentally today. Although I don’t really like saying it too much because for some reason I’ve never particularly enjoyed my birthday, and when people talk about it I get mad because I’m slightly off in the head.

Anyllama. (Thank you soooo much, y’all, I love the gifts. And I always knew the llama had done it.)

The SECOND BEST PART (the first is always Chuck Norris) is that my parents agreed to let me stay home from school tomorrow to work on novel preparation.

Why? I have no idea. Maybe they felt bad about me not having a party (even though I fully considered the Artemis Rocks tour to be a birthday party. I mean me, Redwingwriter, and Eoin Colfer? Who needs cake? ;D). Maybe they were tired of me begging every day to stay home from school “just this once”. Maybe they knew how desperately I needed to research for this novel (cuz there’s a heckuva lotta research involved before I can start writing). Or maybe they just felt like being the most epic parents ever.

But tomorrow I’m staying home (and I convinced mom to let my sister stay home too. Normally I wouldn’t, but my sis was the one who gave me the idea to ask for the break. Plus, we’ve been getting along better lately. And you’re never too old to dance to 80’s music while jamming on the air guitar and wearing your dad’s most colorful ties. Just sayin’.)

One person dancing around to Cindi Lauper in their pajamas and a random tie is an idiot. Two people are…. well, mutual idiots. But it’s better.

Tomorrow I’ll have time to type up all the novel ideas I’ve done in class (about twenty pages worth), actually update this blog, finish my parody, eat cheese, and post. Er, and the homework I’m missing from being absent.

So expect some updates and a new parody and maybe an epic post tomorrow….. I’m so glad for this extra day to just get caught up in life. I’m always falling behind.

Plus, I got a signed poster of David Hewlett, my favorite actor.

Hey Red, remember at the Artemis Rocks thing where there was that SciFi table? And mom and dad went to look at it while we were waiting in line to get our books signed, trying to figure out EXACTLY where the Fs were? And then we came back upstairs to use the restroom before we left and I went over and looked at the table and was like “Whoa mom, there’s Stargate stuff here!” and was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the signed Rachel Luttrell poster? And Mom was all, “Oh that’s cool…. too bad there’s not one of Rodney…” and I was nodding sympathetically and then we left?

….sorry for the run-ons here. Anyway, there WAS a Rodney one, because it was in that bag that Dad insisted he carry around.

If this makes no sense to the rest of the population of the universe, that’s okay. Two of us get it. Maybe three if you’re a total stalker. And four if you’re Chuck Norris.

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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7 Responses to Feelin’ So Fly

  1. TigersEyes says:

    I guessed: “Stuff Aloha has” XD Oh god…my new tuition teacher here…0.0

  2. AlohaFowl says:

    XD Well, technically I suppose you’re right. Stuff I has that I hadn’t had before.
    Llama. I sound like a I Can Haz Cheeseburger cat.

  3. Nia says:


  4. Wait … so how old are you now?

  5. Nia says:


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