New Format… Again

So since I have no school tomorrow (*points to below post*), I figured I’d throw the night away messing around with my blog. I made a bunch of headers and stuff…. and ended up changing the title of my blog and stuff.

Why Embracing Insanity? Well, it kinda has to do with my NaNovel. Hard to explain without giving stuff away… and it’s all on wraps until the end of the month. But let’s just say my characters (er, most of them) are clinically mentally unstable.

Through the course of the novel, they realize that instead of fighting their differences and their insanity, they should embrace them. It’s not really something I’d thought about too much before tonight, but I suppose it’s a prominent theme throughout the plot I have planned.

Plus, I have to do a little embracing of the insane variety of my own. Especially during November.

Comments on the header, please (the big thing up top with all the unreadable font and the tagline about embracing insanity). I made a bunch of different ones before I tried that…. things like



or even

(Click on those to make them bigger.)

Comments? Questions? Concerns? Inquiries about my llama breeding program? Put a comment in the thinggy. Seriously…. I love me comments. And when I get like 60 views a day and no one says anything, it’s like…. I know this is my blog, but it’s really actually mostly your guy’s blog. It would have just died off without my epic viewers. (This does not mean I will give you the admin password, but thanks for asking ;D)

And as for my llama breeding, we have some really nice stock this year. Most of them are registered. Email me.

–Just kidding. I don’t actually have a llama farm. Er, yet.

So, where were we? Ah, yes. Feedback.

If I can get half as many comments as views this week, I’ll do something awesome for y’all. Like make another video blog, or do a day-in-the-life with pictures, or write a song parody about how much I love comments.

Even if you comment on what you would like to see me do. That still counts.

Hit that comment button and tell me what you think. A penny for your thoughts– er, wait, no. The supreme dooming ruler shouldn’t have to pay for her peasants’ thoughts.

Nothing for your thoughts. But I’d sure appreciate it.

Tally-ho, AlohaFowl out.

(EDIT: OHOHOHOHOHOH AND I found my iPod. Turns out I didn’t leave it on the other side of the country at my grandparents’ house after all. I’m so relieved….

But my flash drive is still missing.)

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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12 Responses to New Format… Again

  1. Nia says:

    I like it.

    • AlohaFowl says:

      Thanks XD I actually happened to be on right now and got the notification you commented right away…
      When I saw you liked it, I turned to my sister and went “HA!! SOMEONE DOES LIKE IT!!”
      Anyway, we’re going to go play Guitar Hero in our ties. Talk to you later 😉

  2. Um, guess what? Nothing. I just was trying to remember what I was going to say… I decided half way through reading and then forgot by the end. *scrolls up to remember* Oh yeah! The format. Love the title. I love the song Wake Me up When September Ends so of course I’m going to love Wake Me Up When November Ends! I wish I would’ve thought of it first *sigh* *envies* Also, I love the head-board-thin-y-yeah. I like it, a lot 🙂 Change it as often as you like, I like it when you change it cuz i t always ends up even more epic. Okay, looong comment 😛 Maybe I should turn it into two comments? Hehe. Nah, I’ll just stop now.

    • AlohaFowl says:

      Awesome, thanks! Yeah, I love that song too, even if the video is so sad.
      I was watching the music vid to make a parody, but when I saw it I almost started crying. I wasn’t going to make a parody out of it anymore.
      Glad you enjoy the change, ’cause sometimes I can get impulsive-changey on everything, haha.

      • Video? I haven’t watched it yet, I’m gonna go do that.
        impulsive-changey is good 😀 I’ve gone through… 5 themes? in the last two days. Yeah 🙂 At least I know what I’m trying to get though… if I can get there.

  3. I love the last one, that has the zebra plushie on it.

    • AlohaFowl says:

      Yeah, the problem with that one is that I made it too big, so to add it I either had to cut out all the text or Zim’s head. Maybe I’ll remake it to fit the guidelines–I’d done that one long ago, before I knew the size limits. 🙂

  4. Tigers Eyes says:

    Hey! I like the current one, and the 3rd one. Here is what my annoyance says (annoyance=sister)
    “I like the redness on the first one, and the design on the first one and the butterflies on the 3rd one” Not her exact words…but yeah.
    She also wants to know what’s with you and llamas. Also Supreme Dooming Ruler-ness. i told her you called yourself SDR and you had an imaginary llama farm and I warned her not to give you chocolate milk. Oh, and that you (like all other nano-ers) are insane. I think she is weirded out…XDD
    Oh. Long comment.

  5. Bush says:

    I could make you one if you want, aloha. 😀

  6. Mercy says:

    Is the zebra plushie a reference to that excerpt of Lost World that you posted awhile (or so it seems) back?

    And that totally happened to me, too, by the way. I made a siggy and then DC removed it because it was tooooooooo big.

    I’m gonna guess that you’re . . . 15?

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