So I Was Like Whoa

….I have no idea why that’s the title. As I’ve been thinking about my blog this week, I’ve been having this random urge to name a post “So I Was Like Whoa.”

My brain….I don’t really understand it.

Anyllama, today was Saturday, my sixth day of my new age, and NaNo eve-eve.

Just like September 19th was NaNo eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve-eve.

Not like I was counting or anything. (That was 43 ‘eve’s. Which I did count.)

So I was like whoa, that was a lot of eves.

BUT now there’s only two and I’m starting to get freaked out. I keep getting these brilliant plot ideas and having to tell myself, “No, Aloha. You already changed your entire plot just a week and a half before November. Two days in advance is NOT happening. There’s no brilliant plot in the world brilliant enough to make up for the rush of character profiles and scribbled climax points.”

So I was like whoa, I need to stop talking to myself.

BUT since November’s just around the corner, that’s obviously not going to happen. NaNoWriMo does nothing to improve your sanity, let me tell you. And anyone who’s ever competed in this fine month-long event of dewm will agree.

Yesterday this kid sitting behind me in Science class was telling someone else sitting behind me how he was going to four parties over the weekend and had to reject several more invitations. This kid is popular…. those are probably popular parties.

And you know what? I tried to muster up some honorable sense of nerd-shame that I wasn’t invited to any of them, but all I could feel was sympathy for the kid. Four parties? When he could be NaNoing? Poor guy. He must be miserable.

And it seems the popular crowd always is. There’s so much drama involved, you make out and break up and makeup and….

So I was like whoa. I’m so glad I’m a social outcast. I have friends, but we’re not popular. And that’s just the way I like it.

Tomorrow is NaNo Eve (and also a little holiday you may have heard about in some obscure Wikipedia page; does Halloween ring any bells?).

I don’t know how I feel about this. On one hand, I’m scared out of my wits. I have to write a NOVEL. In a month. 1,667 words every day for 30 days. But on the other hand, I’m excited. I’ve been prepping for this all year and I have a great plot, substandard characters, and plenty of chocolate to keep me going.

I’ve decided I’m generally looking forward to it, but I may be biased because I was saving my NaNoWriMo t-shirt to wear until Monday. So that might be part of my excitement-overcoming-fear ratio.

The other option, of course, is that I’m way overthinking this whole thing and I just need to shut up and write.

I’m thinking the latter…. So I’ll shut up and write. Although I don’t know how that would work, since I’m talking through writing–

Overthinking, remember, ‘Loha? The British voice in my head reminds me. Just move on. Your readers will be bored with your insanity at this point.

Thank you, British person who’s in my head.

So I got a lot of comments this week, but none of them were recommending a special Almost-November post I could do. Remember, I’m open to a video, a picture-blog, a random story with guidelines (like a Dare Machine type thing), etc. Whatever you guys want. The supreme dooming ruler has gone peasant for a day.

Or a post. Let’s not get overthinking it here.

I was thinking about a ‘How to Make Chocolate Milk Correctly (In Aloha Style)’ walkthrough, probably using pictures. But you guys would be disgusted by how much chocolate I truly use in my milk.

So let me know and I’ll get on that.

Where was I before I got sadly distracted? Oh, yeah. Ringing bells. Halloween. NaNo eve.

Tomorrow I’m going trick-or-treating with my friends. I’m so happy because this year I finally get to wear my Link (from the Legend of Zelda) costume “out on the town”, if you will. Last year there was a Newsboys concert Halloween night so I didn’t get to trick-or-treat. And as such, my NaNoWriMo chocolate stash suffered a fatal blow.

This year the boys with the news aren’t coming, so I’ll be replenishing my chocolate stash. Although the blow now is my braces, which means I have to be a lot pickier about which candy I eat, or my orthadonist will have a sugar-filled cow. (For some reason last week he said I had done a really good job with my flossing and brushing. Which made me snort and quickly cover it up with a cough, because I did a terrible time flossing. I only flossed the night I got my braces and the day of my orthadonist appointment.)

Oh, and my dentist (the next day) recommended an electric toothbrush that would help get each side of my tooth from the barrier where the braces separate it, in ways a normal human-powered toothbrush wouldn’t be able too. Unfortunately the only electric toothbrush he had was designed for little kids who don’t know how to brush correctly yet, so it’s brightly colored.

FORTUNATELY, it gives you a wicked awesome tongue massage. And whenever you’ve brushed for a full two minutes, it plays this cute little sing-song-y tune that makes you want to dance.

For the past four days I’ve been brushing my teeth for at least eight minutes a night.

Mission accomplished, dentist. You’ve gotten Aloha to brush her teeth more than ever before.

So I was like whoa, that’s awesome. Also, my dentist is too cunning. Bribing me to brush with sing-song-y toons of doom.

Me and DTCrystalkeeper (TBStorycrafter) are going out to play Free Realms, so I’m gonna sign out.

Oh, and I was like whoa, you just lost the game.


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6 Responses to So I Was Like Whoa

  1. Tigers Eyes says:

    Mmmm….Aloha chocolate milk… Please post it! Sounds awesome, anyway, how can you make chocolate milk? Unless it is with Milo or something… And I doubt your dentist knew about the song (Which I know want to hear, Miss.SDR…>.> XP) unless they actually gave you the brush. How did you find out about the song anyway? Did you willingly brushed two full minutes? Not under the influence of the brain-washing song, I mean.

    • AlohaFowl says:

      Several things. First off…. If you don’t know how to make chocolate milk, you are a sorry soul indeed. I will make this tutorial for your benefit. 😉 Secondly, yes, he gave me the brush. And thirdly, Yes, I willingly brushed, because it gave me a pleasant tongue massage and all I had to do was stand there with the brush in my mouth, letting me daydream about plot ideas and Artemis Fowl. No brain-washing needed, ‘cept Arty’s smashing good looks. XD

  2. Shut up and write! I’m going to steal that and use it in a parody …. unless you already have …. ? I’ll write a blog post explaining what All Region is. You still haven’t said how old you are! Do you use Hershey’s syrup to make chocolate milk, or Nesquik?

    • AlohaFowl says:

      Well, regarding my age, one of you is right. But I’m going to keep you guys guessing, because I’m doomy like that… >;D
      I use Hershey Syrup, although Nesquik is definitely also an option. Depends on your preference. As for me, I go through it so fast that the syrup is more economical.

  3. Never mind …. I was going to parody Shut Up and Drive by Rihanna, but I don’t have time

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