Faith’s Epic Word Challenge

(The challenge was to basically pick three dares from the NaNo homepage and then write an incredibly random/long story with them. @Faith.A.Geek–thanks! And to the rest of you, if you give me a challenge I’ll complete it to the best of my ability!)

We dare you give your phone number out to your characters so they call you anytime they get stuck.

We dare you to write a heated discussion between all your characters in a broken down elevator.

We dare you to put the very next sentence you overhear in your novel and see where it takes you. ((“And it’s found inside flowers”—my little brother was watching some PBS special on pollen or something.))

And with that, the scene begins….

“What is this thing?” Aaliyah asked uncertainly as she fingered the buttons on the elevator. “It’s like a really small room… with things to press.”

Zip cackled a little. “Then let’s press those things.”

“Look guys, we need to be logical here,” Zachary started, pressed up against the back of the elevator. “Let’s not just go pressing things… We don’t know what will happen if we do.”

“Only one way to find out,” Zip shrugged and pressed every single numbered button in the incredibly cramped elevator.

“Hey, watch it!” Drake snapped at Jessie as she slammed into him. Nicholas was pressed up against the back near Zachary, equally terrified by the strange machine. Zip was laughing maniacally, and Eric and Gail were huddled in a corner hissing expletives.

The elevator rose and rose, going way too high for anyone’s comfort level. Even Zip stopped laughing as they hit floor nine and just kept rising.

“Um, guys, I think something’s wrong,” Aaliyah said in a panicked tone. “This isn’t supposed to be doing this, right?”

“Ohmygoodnessohmygoodnessohmygoodness we’regoingtodie,” was Zachary’s reply. He’d crawled into the corner near the two goths, who weren’t half as articulate…. or appropriate.

Zip shrugged again. “Well, it has to stop sometime–” she started. Just then the elevator stopped, as if on cue.

“That was freaky.” Aaliyah clutched the railing with pale, sweaty hands. “So… now what?”

Everyone turned to look at the door, hoping, praying it would open. But it didn’t.

“I think we broke it,” came Jessie’s muffled reply. She was still clinging to Drake.

“No duh,” Gail growled. “The question is what Aaliyah said. What now?”

“We…. wait?” suggested Nicholas.

“Well that sounds good,” Aaliyah started, but Drake cut her off.

“WAIT!” he cried, pulling Jessie off him.

“Yes, Drake, that’s what we’re going to–”

“No, you don’t understand! I have Aloha’s phone number!”

“You have what?” Jessie asked disbelievingly. “Are you seeing another girl? And is this really the time to be callin–”

“Aloha… Our author! She can help! She wrote us into this, and she can sure as llamas get us out of it!”

“What are llamas?” Nicholas asked slowly, fingering the hem of his shirt.

“Guys, Drake’s right,” Gail said finally, standing. “Aloha can get us out. And if she won’t…. Well, let’s just say she will.”

A collective shiver went through the group. Nobody messed with Gail… Even an omnipresent author.

“Call her!” Jessie screeched, peering down at the nine floors they’d passed.

Drake nodded and pulled out a phone.

“Wait, how do you have that–?” Eric started.

“They’re found inside flowers, idiot,” Gail supplied sarcastically.

“No time. Dial dial dial,” Aaliyah instructed.

Drake dialed.

The phone rang for a few moments before a girl picked up on the other end.

“Llam– I mean, hello?”


“…. Who is this?”

“It’s Drake.” He hesitated. “And Aaliyah, Jessie, Zip, Eric, Nicholas, Zachary, and Gail.”

“Gail?” There was a pause on the other end. “Oh snap.”

“Yeah, snap is right!” Gail called into the phone from the other side of the elevator. “You’d better get us out of this or I’m–”

“Easy, easy, I’ll help!” Aloha said quickly, although the schizophrenic teenager could still be heard hurling threats in the background. “What you guys need to do is take Drake’s phone–”

“The one we still don’t know how he got, considering for the length of the novel we’re not allowed to have electronics,” supplied Eric.

“Yeah, that. Anyway, use it and pick the first app on the screen. Use it to text tech support and have them fix the elevator…”

“Why didn’t you try that in the FIRST place, Drake?” Jessie protested.

“Guys! Back on track!” Aloha shuffled her feet anxiously, trying to remember her safety procedures for scenes like this. How to get the characters down before Gail found a way down herself…. And then found a way to Aloha’s house. And bedroom. With a knife, presumably.

“Text tech support. Ask for Gary. Tell him you’re with AlohaFowl. Explain the situation with the elevator. He should let you down. And for goodness’s sakes, don’t let Zip near any more buttons!”

“We won’t,” Drake promised and hung up. He turned to the group.

“Well then. Let’s do what Aloha says.”

Moral of the story: Always do what Aloha says.

Also, don’t let Zip near any buttons.

Stay tuned for more posting, and thanks Faith for the challenge! TE I’ll get right on the chocolate milk one when I have time and access to a camera.

Have a great 2nd day of NaNoWriMo and talk to you later!

Tally ho,


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4 Responses to Faith’s Epic Word Challenge

  1. Tigers Eyes says:

    Oh, that’s awesome, xDD

  2. That was one epic story let me tell you. I’m sitting here grinning with my sister asking me why. I loved it. Loved it, loved it. Your one of those peoples that needs to get their books published so I can read ’em.

    • AlohaFowl says:

      Haha, thanks…. You just made my day ^.^
      And ditto to you. Well first off I’d love to read an excerpt, but your writing is so powerful I’m sure your books are amazing XD
      Did I ever tell you how much I loved that Peter Pan post? I don’t think I remembered to comment (I read it while perusing an iPad at Barnes and Noble) but that’s probably my favorite blog post of all time. I think about it, like, every day.

      • You do? Wow, that’s amazing. I feel, like an author should : ) Thanks, that means a lot. I’m actually going to start posting excerpts from my NaNo novel because some are just so hilarious it’d be sad not to share.

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