How to Make Chocolate Milk

This is for you, Tiger Eyes. =D

Step One

Buy milk (whichever % you prefer) and chocolate syrup OR chocolate-milk mix. You can find them all at your local grocery store (I’m assuming).

This is what I use:

Mmm. I’m thirsty already.

Step Two

Get a cup/glass. Any cup or glass of the cup or glass variety will do. Even a bowl will work. Something you can put the milk in.

(I don’t know why this turned out sideways. Turn your head counterclockwise and it makes more sense. Lol.)

Step Three

Pour the milk into your cup/glass/bowl. Leave about an inch at the top for your chocolate (this varies, depending on how much you want, but an inch or so is a good rule of thumb).

(Again, just do your best to look at this.

Llama, isn’t that a beautiful glass of milk?)

Step Four

Get out your chocolate sauce or chocolate milk mix. (Note: Hot chocolate mix is an entirely different thing and will not mix well with the milk when it comes time to stir. Trust me (as you will) and don’t use it.)

Position the bottle over the milk. (If you’re using the mix, follow the directions on the box.)

Step Five

Pour in the chocolate. This is the trickiest part. (Yes, it’s not hard at all– you think. But it’s not about pouring it in, it’s about the right amount of chocolate.)

Too much chocolate and you can literally make yourself throw up. Not enough and… well, you don’t get the sugar and caffeine high (as well as the yummiful flavor). It’s one of life’s challenges.

Do your best. It doesn’t have to be too perfect. You can experiment. And if you throw up…. Well, you learn faster that way.

Haha, just kidding. Don’t get scared and throw away all hope of enjoying that chocolaty heaven.

Step Six

Get a spoon. Any spoon will do. It can be a short spoon, a long spoon, a plastic one or a metal one. You can even use a fork. But it works best with a spoon. (Knives aren’t that great, but will work if you’re desperate.)

Here is the standard spoon I picked for this chocolate-milk-making session.

See? Bright and shiny. And standard.

Step Seven

Stir the chocolate milk. Now, don’t get worried here. There’s no way to over-stir the milk…. you just stir and stir until you can’t stir no more. Then you stir a little longer.

It’s debatable whether or not it makes a difference whether you stir clockwise or counter-clockwise. I don’t really think it matters, personally. Maybe there are others more passionate on the subject. I’d Google it.


(Click to enlarge, as always.)

Moving on….

Stirring chocolate milk. Like so:

And just stir your heart out. I usually sing a song while stirring mine. Either the Llama Song, the Doom Song, or Shake it Up Baby.

Your choice. Something 80’s, preferably. XD

Step Eight

Haha, I lied. There is no step eight. Unless you count drinking it.

But what the llama, look what you just made?

Welcome to the wonderful world of


AlohaFowl (With thanks to my sister for being a wonderful model of the ideals of stirring your milk. (And for lending me her hands. Which is not as creepy as it sounds.))

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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5 Responses to How to Make Chocolate Milk

  1. haha! That is so epic! I want some chocolate milk now… I wonder I can bribe my mom to let me have some…

  2. Tigers Eyes says:

    XD When you said chocolate milk before I thought you meant, well, ready made chocolate milk. I know how to make it with Hershleys and Milo and stuff…I thought you meant melting chocolate and addi- Ohhhh now that gives me a good idea…. Must experiment on that….
    Anyways, this is awesome…..
    Oh, and there is a reason I don’t like Hershleys….it’s ALWAYS too much or too little chocolate….
    Anyway. Now you make me want to make Hershleys chocolate milk anyway…

    • AlohaFowl says:

      Oh XD. I felt so bad for you, not knowing how to make chocolate milk…. Haha =D
      Well, it was something to do when I was bored after school, so *shrugs, laughing*

  3. Nia says:

    My mom just asked me what I was reading. “How to make chocolate milk,” I said. She officially thinks everything is crazy. 😀 YAY!

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