This is Why

November is only 1/12 of the total year. If it were any more, I would fall dead.

Two good things have come up recently.

1) Today I wrote over 5k!!!! Thanks to various word wars and pressure techniques, I actually hit my WC and a couple more besides. This should definitely help, even though I’m still 1 or 2k behind.

2) ‘Rents said it’s a definite yes for the midnight showing of Deathly Hallows next Friday (or Thursday? We go to the theatre on Thursday but the movie technically doesn’t start ’till Friday….)


In other news,…. Well, it’s November. That’s pretty much it. My brain’s fried. I’ll try to post soon…. but my word count…. I’m so far behind…. blehhh.

Oh, and Faith? I challenge you to write a scene where your protagonist realizes the only way to appease their antagonist and end the conflict is to go to a llama farm and pick out the llama your antagonist would like the most. (You don’t have to keep it in for November… but heck, I’m gone narrarator-inside-novel four times already in the past two weeks. Sure, I’ll take ’em all out in December, but by then it won’t matter. Any words are good words. Well, not really, but you’re allowed to have bad words.)

Mercy, I challenge you to make your main characters participate in a zuchhini-eating contest (with their hands tied behind their backs). Bonus points if the zuchhinis are covered in whip cream! (Same applies as Faith’s… you don’t have to keep it, just have to write it!)

Bush, I challenge you to include some type of false alarm in your next chapter. Whether it’s a Romeo and Juliet type thing, a fire drill, a faulty microwave… it’s all up to you.

I would challenge Redwingwriter121 (my IRL bff) to one… but since she already made 54,000 words (o.0 I seriously want to know HOW you did that, it’s unbelievable and amazing and I want to tacklehug you right now), I don’t think she really needs a challenge. XD

Anyone else who’s reading this, I challenge you to put any sentence on this blog page in your novel. Right now. And work it in somehow (not this post necessarily, just this whole webpage.) Bonus points if it includes the words “llamas” or “chocolate milk” in it.

If you get stuck… whenever I can’t think of what to write, I hurt a character. Just put them in intense pain and then go back and describe how they got hurt and what they’re going to do about it.

I did that with my pyromaniac Zip… couldn’t think of what to write so I just gave her a fire and severe burn injuries, then built the whole scene around that. It was a blast.

Kidnapping, interrogation, and first dates work well, too. Try starting from the climax of the event (i.e., “Kayla looked down at her arm dripping blood and winced”,) then going back to explain, “she shouldn’t have encouraged her seven-year old brother to be whatever he wanted to be after all. Because when your full-of-dreams seven year old brother wants to be a knife juggler, you need a little supervision first.” Then go on to explain what she DID about it (Kayla called her mom quickly, but the dialing tone informed her that her mother was unavaliable and would she like to take a message? She slammed the phone down and decided to take matters into her own hands. She was going to Las Vegas.)

….or something. Usually they make slightly more sense than that. But… it’s 1:30 am and I’ve had so many high-caffeine drinks in the past five hours I can barely think straight.

Tally Ho! Keep writing!


(Okay, I just got a new book idea from the whole “Kayla and knife-juggling brother” thing. So, erm, that’s taken. XD We’ll see. I’ll sit on it.

This could be an interesting book.)

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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6 Responses to This is Why

  1. Tigers Eyes says:

    *rolls eyes* I’m about 8000 words behind… and I already have 28,600 words… what about you, Aloha? Anyway, I’ve been stalking your blog (Not as creepy as it sounds… I think) up until a few days… and when I’m not stalking, you go and post… Anyway, I had a nano-related dream… featuring you. I’m going more insane than I usually am… Your blog isn’t helping. xD

  2. Mercy says:

    you know, i think i will use that

  3. Bush says:

    I think I’ll use my challenge too! Whenever I start writing… outline is getting longer and longer…
    *pictures scene* (Suddenly the air exploded with the sound of a siren blaring in the hallway. Emma started, and noticed the smoke alarms blazing on the ceiling– above *her* door. “Sugar…” she gasped, and tore open the door, running to the kitchen. All seemed normal, nothing the matter. Just then a slight “Ping!” resounded in the emptiness. She turned, and pressed the button on the microwave. The door opened— there was a small, delicious smelling, perfectly heated bowl of noodles. Emma looked again to the alarms. “Stupid things…” She said aloud. “Oh well, grubs on!”)

  4. Haha! I love that scene Bushy! I am so doing my challenge. I have like… four challenges I’ve got to fit in by now? I’m so excited.

  5. Also, I just thought of another challenge for you Aloha. In one of your next scenes, have one of your characters randomly have something in their mouth. (That shouldn’t go there, like a library card or a stuffed animal) And everybody else either acts like it’s normal, or totally freaks out.

  6. Oh but I do need a challenge at the same time, my novel is so boring. But whatever and reaching my word count isn’t a big deal. I just wrote all night and most of the day and came out with a win. But you will make it too, Aloha, since you always write and write and write…

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