Masked Sarcasm


When I said I wasn’t going to post until December, I was kind of being sarcastic.

But thank yee peasants for the support XD I might take y’all up on that anyway, because of all the stuff I have to do this month. There’s a lot of stuff to do.

Please enjoy this photo of a llama.

He’s smiling, see?

What the llama’s really thinking:

Goodness, I love this song.

“Here’s a human, there’s a human, and another little human, fuzzy human, funny human, human, human, milk.”

I might still post a little this month. Sorry for/ thanks for/ YOULOSTTHEGAME for the misunderstanding. It’s good that you guys didn’t have some breakdown or something…

I apologize for my too-skillfully masked sarcasm. And I hope you enjoyed my own rendition of the llama song.

Now MY song would be more like:

“Here’s a supreme, there’s a dooming, and another little ruler, chocolate milk and waffles with awesomesauce on topp….”

….I’m going to stop there.

Harry Potter 7p1 was EPIC, FTW. We went at midnight. I took my notebook and wrote in the lobby of the movie theater for two hours whilst waiting. If that tells you the kind of nerd I am.

Anyway. It was good, but tiring.

I’ll post a play-by-play when I get a chance. (Of the event, not the actual movie.)

If Artemis Fowl was a llama, that’s what he would look like. But black. With golden hooves.

Disturbing mental image.



About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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19 Responses to Masked Sarcasm

  1. Mercy says:

    I am not sure that Artemis would make a good llama but tis an interesting thought

    • AlohaFowl says:

      Speak of my dear fiancee as such again (insulting both the Fowl legacy AND the generations of llamas that breeded to create this dear smirking specimen of awesomeness), and you will never be allowed to drink chocolate milk. Ever.
      Such is the way of the supreme dooming ruler.

  2. Mercy says:

    I apologize, great dooming ruler. I merely meant that sadly and unfortunately, llamas do not have opposable thumbs, which seem to be very important to Master Fowl. You are a courteous and kind SDR, and I thank you for not taking away my chocolate milk drinking rights.

    You banished me for speaking out of turn? Hmm. Does that mean I’m like Zuko? I hope I live up to his awesomesauceness. But I don’t want a facial scar.

  3. Mercy says:

    Having now seen HP7, I can conclude that it is awesome. And it does in fact film the wombat. XD

    I’m about to break the fourth wall. Wish me luck and zucchinis!

    You know what? The comments aren’t just mini forums. They are mini Insane Asylums.

  4. Senom299 says:

    AAAAH TB’S BEHIND ON HER WORDCOUNT *cowers* Help me, o supreme dooming ruler! I swear I’ll never call you a peasant again!

    … but I still insist. ACOWOL. 😡

  5. Senom299 says:

    ACOWOL. Don’t make me call Midna and her Army of Fans!

  6. Bush says:

    *giggles* You funny. 😀

  7. Senom299 says:

    Hey! You can’t take away Sayble! She’s MY charrie! I’ll take Lark and turn Sheik into a girl! 😡

    ACOWOL, Aloha. ACOWOL. I’m already depressed enough as is.

    • AlohaFowl says:

      =o You turn Mids into Sheik again, making Lark look like a total idiot, and there will be complaints. Don’t make me bring in Gail or Angela.
      This could turn nasty XD

  8. Tigers Eyes says:

    You is back aloha! how dare you let us think you were gone? For all you know, a rebellion could have started about toppling the Supreme Dooming Ruler….
    Sorry, brain is in insanity-mode….
    And sorry, i honestly cant see my fiancée Arty as a llama…
    Though a black llama with golden hooves would be epic-sauce…

  9. Senom299 says:


    … sorry, but still. Not a peasant child. I’m the SDR second in command, aren’t I? D:

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