What Would the Normal People Think?

Today, I looked at my blog from the standpoint of someone who doesn’t know anything about NaNoWriMo, me, nerdfighting quarks, llamas, or chocolate milk.

(I love how my natural instinct was to put NaNoWriMo before myself.)

Anyway, looking over Embracing Insanity from the view of someone who just happened to stumble upon this URL, I have a few new insights.

1) Wow. I get distracted a lot.

2) I need a new background. The one I have now would sicken me if I were a normal person. I need something cooler. Will get to work on that.

3) The title is extremely appropriate. It’s hard to understand these posts, I skip around so much, change topics, add ‘llama’ to almost every sentence, and proclaim joy over chocolate milk and the apocalypse in the same breath.

I have an excuse. [Sort-of.] This blog is, like, my– well, really, this blog is me. After I spend an entire day writing my novel through school, writing essays for class and poems for my parents, writing my novel outside of school, talking with friends and generally interacting with the world around me, this is what’s left over in my head. I take all the bits and pieces of my life that never got examined during the natural day, having festered in my brain for who-knows-how-long, and pour it into the Crock Pot of Embracing Insanity. That’s why I named it that, because nothing really makes complete sense and it’s just the little corners and edges of my life I never get to explore otherwise.

There’s a corner of myself dedicated to llamas. There’s a corner that takes joy in the coming apocalypse (although, obviously, there’s terror in there, too). There’s a corner that lives to write, that loves words more than tacos. (Then again, being a vegetarian, I don’t really like tacos. If you make a vegetarian taco, it’s just a shell full of lettuce. I’m really more of a burrito person.)

There’s a corner of me with kingdom angst. I wish that one was a bigger corner. There’s a corner of me that’s thrilled and horrified with the idea of writing thirty or fifty thousand words in a month. There’s a corner of me that would love to just curl up with LXD and a couple glasses of chocolate milk and spend a bleary winter afternoon in my own little world of dairy and dancing.

Those are all the parts of me that come together to form Embracing Insanity. If you guys were to meet me in real life, you’d be confused. Because for the actual, real-time, not-in-cyberspace interactions, I piece myself together from different aspects. My love of horses. My love of reading. My love of burritos. (The doom’s still there, though.)

So while my blog-me and my IRL-me may not actual ressemble each other, I think they’re both just as much lazy procrastinators with words in their veins.

Maybe I have DID. Maybe I’ve constructed this ‘Aloha’ figure to represent who I could be if I pieced myself together differently. Maybe we’re two different people, just sharing the same body. Like Drake and Ekard (from my novel), or that one episode of Stargate where Rodney took on the essence of another woman because she accidentally messed with some ancient technology, and then she ended up falling in love with Beckett while still inside Rodney’s body. Most awkward date ever.

Maybe I’m like them. And someday, ‘Aloha’ will die. It’s not something to be sad about. Nay, I rejoice in that day. Because maybe when I cast off this other figure that blogs, RPGs, writes novels, and talks incessantly about llamas… Well maybe I can incorporate aspects of her into me. Maybe Aloha and who I really am can come together to truly form one person.

4) Wow. I get distracted a lot.

5) I need to branch out more. I know I’m not going to jump straight into Vlogging and Skype-ing readers and all that, but I could do more of those XtraNormal videos, right? Was that cool, or just too hard to understand because the person spoke in a British accent? (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here. )

6) I should probably have some sort of kiriban thing to raise interest. Well, I’ve had 1,945 views total. (This doesn’t count my first blog, The Doomy Ruler, though.) I was going to say, well okay, at 2,500 views I can come up with some sort of prize. But then I realized no one would have any way of being able to tell, since I’m the only one who can see my Stats page, and it doesn’t tell WHO viewed it last.

So how about this? I have 296 comments as of now. Whoever reaches 350 will win something. Haven’t decided what yet. A picture? A piece of writing?

The extent of my art is stick people. I’ll post an example at the end.

And my writing isn’t exactly the kind of stuff you pay for. You’re reading it NOW, right? Did you pay money for this? If you did, someone’s seriously scamming you. My writing isn’t worth money. (Yet. Until I get published.)

Any kiriban ideas? Put ’em in the comments and you’ll be feeding two llamas with one glass of chocolate milk, because the kiriban of 350 comments will be that much closer. No? 😉

7) I should post more frequently.

Done with my list, I reflect. Maybe if I took these steps, I could get one step closer to my lifelong dream of being Freshly Pressed. Maybe the fabled Normal People would read this. Maybe I wouldn’t have such a crappy background. I see the possibilities.

Any other ideas on attracting the elusive Sane Ones? Leave me a comment. I enjoy baiting them into my traps of insane llama’d doom.

Tally-ho, peasant-children.


About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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4 Responses to What Would the Normal People Think?

  1. Um… I need to say something that is relevant to this blog but doesn’t sound like cheese curds… I’ll just say this: I love your blog. Those seven things you listed? (well six, I agree you do need to post more) Are what makes your blog amazing.

    P.S. You have no idea how hard it was for me to not vote llama…

  2. Tigers Eyes says:

    llamallamallama- WHERE?!
    Hey, don’t you dare become more normal here, it will spark a rebellion to overthrow the SDR (Now there is another idea…)
    I love your blog. =DD
    Though you do need to post more…
    Just sayin’ xP

  3. Bush says:

    Baha. 🙂 I think any normal person who wandered in here wouldn’t understand a word and then just leave. Anyone with a real personality that comes here would love it! 😀 I love it. Gives me a buzz every time I walk in!

    PS. I too voted llama —- wait! *stops Aloha before she pitches choco milk at me* reasons being:
    a) No idea what I was voting for
    b) llamas is more fun than not caring. 😀

  4. Nia says:

    Nyah, your blog is awesome, don’t ruin it by making it normal!!!

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