Updates, Winter, and Cheesecake

It’s been a while since I posted, but I reconciled that with the fact that my last post was insanely long and had a cute little picture of bells with a snarky caption.

Eventually, though, the blog must go on. It’s not over until the demented teenager sings, and I’m not belting a tune for y’all.

First off, I’d like to share the INSANELY AWESOME book cover Mercy ( http://mercyvaughn.blogspot.com/ ) made for me this week. I’m so happy with it, and now it’s motivating me to finish the book so I can get my proof copy. It’s also my desktop background. =)

Embraced, the insanity must be.








My ideas of who the characters are, clockwise from top left: Jessie, Rachael, Zach, Nick, Drake, Zip, Gail, Aaliyah.

Now the hard part is actually finishing the book…. But I want a copy so badly that I’ll force myself to.

It’s winter. Had to include that. Because it’s in the title of the post. Yaaay for winter. Christmas is in ten days (see below post for my rant).

Cheesecake. I believe this speaks for itself as well. I’ve been on a cheesecake binge for two weeks. Obsession.

Which leaves me with nothing to blog about, since I pretty much already covered the title. So I will SURPRISE YOU with something totally UNEXPECTED, because it was not in the title, which should sum up the post, but it won’t, because this is me, and I defy society’s standards.

(I feel like a rebel. This is pretty defiant, right here.)

I’m going to rave, for a moment, if you’ll let me, (which you shall, plebeian) about my favorite TV show– well, one of them, at least. I love Stargate and The Office, but my all-time favorite thing to tune in on is The LXD, or the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers.

Whenever I say that, I get weird looks. But by now my readers should be used to that. So here goes.

The LXD is an organization of superheroes with the power of dancing. (Hear me out.) They recruit, well, extraordinary dancers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a robot, a gypsy, a man who happened to try on a pair of shoes, someone who got into the wrong set of packing peanuts, or a high school student, you can get in. Basically what they’re trying to do is fight the OX– Organization X– and the armies of an evil “Dark Dark Doctor” named Jasper.

The dancing is amazing… The series is directed by Jon M. Chu, the creator of Step it Up and that franchise. The dancers are–pardon the pun– extraordinary. They have a cast including Glee cast members, dancers found on YouTube, and professional actors/dancers. It’s a great mix and the storylines are intriguing. Some episodes will leave you laughing, some will scare you to the point of no sleep, and some will make you cry.

It’s all on Hulu to watch for free, and there’s new episodes every Wednesday (why do you think I’m blogging this right now? I’m watching the Season 2 finale).

Also, most of the episodes are between four and ten minutes long. Almost all the story is told through dance, and it’s really amazing how they’ve managed to weave all the stories together into one big theme.

Some of it is a bit dark and messed up, but chances are you can handle it. There’s no language (that I’m aware of), some of the dancing can be a bit provocative but there’s no nudity or stuff like that. And it’s simply…. extraordinary, is the only word I can think of.

Here’s the first episode of Season 1: http://www.hulu.com/watch/158345/the-lxd-the-tale-of-trevor-drift

If you get hooked, tell me =D We can be LXD-buddies.

If I could get my crump down, maybe they’d send my letter… See, this is the same thing that happened to my Hogwarts acceptance. Darnit United Postal Service, you’ve got to start delivering these high-priority letters. Some people have been waiting since they were 11 and it’s STILL delayed in the mail.

Must be the Christmas rush.

Tomorrow’s the last day of the semester for us, so I’ll be able to blog a lot more over the holiday season (although I’ll also be a lot busier!). I’ve also been writing a lot of poetry, but it’s going to take some time to upload because of the… How should I say it? Unique form?

Hopefully I’ll have those done before Christmas, seeing as they’re presents. Ha-ha.

Well, I’m gonna go eat some cheesecake and watch The LXD.

Llama doom,


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5 Responses to Updates, Winter, and Cheesecake

  1. Tigers Eyes says:

    Dancing. Superheroes.
    I won’t say a word.
    I tried to watch it though but it *coughHACKcough* is only available in the U.S
    >.> *aaa-choo*
    Also, I’m so ick with the flu I can’t write a proper comment. Sorry.

  2. I think that the owls got delayed because they didn’t have the proper passports, ‘acause it happened to me, too!
    I’m glad you like the cover! I’m about to send you the one without your name on it … just gotta get it uploaded … but do you have a pen name you want me to use, or just no name?
    Oh, and I’ve decided to use Photobucket. So you might wanna save that file on your computer until I get my account details straightened out.

  3. That sounds EPIC! I am so going to check that out the moment I have two seconds of time.

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