What is Christmas?

What is Christmas?

Christmas is a winter chill on a starry night.
Christmas is not tasting anything for days because you burned your tongue on hot chocolate.
Christmas is the gentle glow radiating from the decorated tree.
Christmas is getting your vests and coats out of the back of your closet.
Christmas is the crisp air in the mornings, filling you with energy.
Christmas is flannel pajamas. All day.
Christmas is opening the door for every family member, helping them take off their jackets.
Christmas is the music on the radio that you’ve heard a million times but still enjoy.
Christmas is greeting strangers and sharing smiles.
Christmas is the odd smell of wrapping paper.
Christmas is hanging a waffle on your tree as a joke, and deciding it’s actually quite nice and leaving it up.
Christmas is fully appreciating the value of a hot shower.
Christmas is realizing the world is not all about you.
Christmas is about reaching out.

Christmas is all of these things.

But mostly,
Christmas is Christ’s birth and the impact it has on humans today.

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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5 Responses to What is Christmas?

  1. BushMaid says:

    Hear hear to the last bit! 😀 By the way, do you guys over in America find this special smell comes to the air around Christmas time? Does over here in Oz… it’s almost… a mixture of rain on dirt, pine needles, and beetles.

  2. That’s beautiful! I’m rooting for you in the contest 🙂 too bad I can’t judge.

  3. Nia says:

    Merry Christmas.

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