Things You Didn’t Know

…about my friend AJ.

So, let’s start off with the obvious. How long have you been writing/NaNo-ing?
Uuuuhhh, 5 years now? 6? I lost track… Lemme count…. Year one Kattie story… Year two Adriana book 1… Year 3 Adriana book 2… Year 4 adriana book 2 re-do… Year 5 Cecilia novel… So 5!
Favorite art form?
Realism. There’s some amazing realism artists out there that I’d love to be as good as.
Favorite musician/band?
I don’t like bands… I like composers for movie soundtracks and instrumental stuff. If I had to choose… it’d be some one like Toby Mac or Barlowgirl. There’s just too many good artists out there.
Favorite pizza topping? –Plastic topping?
Plastic toping… I believe you are referring to how most pizza cheese is 41% digestible plastic to make it stringy. My favorite topping is probably freshly sliced green peppers… mmmm…
Your zombie apocalypse strategy?
First off… a shot gun, sports store (unlimited ammo baby), candy stash and a gas mask for the dust zombies. (Dust zombies are people that have been cremated and they come in dust form and rot you from the inside out via your lungs.) That and NEVER GO TO THE BATHROOM ALONE! *grabs random friend*
How many fingers on each hand? On a good day?
… uuuhh 5? On each hand? My right pinky doesn’t function right because of a karate accident (My hand meets some one’s shin. Nuff said) so… 4? 9 fingers total?
What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever written from?
Ummm… well I’ll say a notebook in the Ram’s football stadium in St. Louis when it was rented out for a function I was at. That or at camp on a scroll of paper with charcoal from the fire. (What? I had an idea and I was desperate!)
Favorite OC?

That’s a toss up between Sparks, Tareinrose, Adriana and Cecilia.

Least favorite OC?
Um… Grindlos. Or Armandina. They both scare the living daylights out of me O.o *coughPHSYCOPATHScough*
Best accent?
Scottish followed by British. Both of which I can give a bang up good impression of, chaps.
The closest thing to you starting with the letter N?
Um… N… N… N… uuhh…. O.o  IS there anything sitting by me that start’s with N? Watch, pocketknife, pen, tape, camera, paper, another pen, drawings, ticket stub, ring, pocket drive, tablet, CD… book… another book… shelf full of books… OH, here. My rubber band ball. Rubber band ball? I name you Nellis. There; Nellis starts with an N… that, or my Name is an object that starts with an N… well my real name starts with an A but the word NAME starts with an N… whatever XD
The last thing you said (IRL)?
“Oh crap” while I was drawing in front of some one and talking to myself XD
The last thing you typed? Nevermind, that’s redundant.
… See above?
The last post you made was in ….?
The INKHEART # 12 thread. And you all thought it was going to be Graveling 😉 (YES I spelled the graCeling title wrong on the thread. Sue me. *sarcasm*)
If you could be any character, which one and why?
Um… Sparks. Because she’s so cool… and she’s an electrokenisis… and she’s just… my favorite character at the moment.  ❤ She’s such a fun character, too.
Your favorite line from one of your own books?
Oooma this is a hard one XD There’s so many good lines… Ummm how about from a short story? *goes to dig it up*
“The only reason these are open is because I want them to be. He hates anything that grows… that’s pretty.” I snapped.

“Does that mean he hates you too lady?” The officer looked like he wished he hadn’t of said that after he finished. Also probably because I punched him. He held his eye and backed up a step. “That hurt lady. Nice aim…” he mumbled.

I had expected him to grovel… to run away. Not tell me I had nice aim. “Oh… thanks.”
That’s from my short story “Memory- Theme # 11” and it’s from Tareinrose’s POV and with her first love Joel (who she tragically ends up killing later on accident *sadface*)
Ever pulled an all-nighter? *chortles*
Aloha? Why are you asking me this? We stayed up for 24/23-half hours straight together… our brains shut down, we giggled at everything and then fell asleep in our mash potatoes the next day which WAS Thanksgiving. I think there was a BUNCH of vlogbrothers in there somewhere…
Favorite art piece you’ve done? Link?
Ummm this one: because it’s most recent and I usually am in love with the most recent good work I did 🙂
Favorite word.
… I’m an author… is this a trick question?
Least favorite word. (“Bedtime” doesn’t count.)
… uuuuhhh… swear words. I dislike swearing/cussing strongly.
Ever lost the game? *smirk*
First thing that pops into your mind when you think of the word ‘chess’?
First off I misread that as ‘chesT’… second off if I think towards chesS… I think of the board game.
Favorite TV show and episode.
“You’re kill me smalls!” dunno what movie… Um… I love five shows: Stargate Atlantis, The Middle, Avatar the Last Airbender (animated), Storm Hawks and No Ordinary Family. I love most episodes from those… 
Fangirl? Over whom?
*tiny voice* Zach Fair from Final Fantasy… but he dies T.T So um… yeah… not really a fangirl much… Randomly am for short bursts of about 5 minutes… otherwise it passes fast.
If your computer could have a personality, what would it be?
A pain in the butt. That’s what mine is usually. It’s really, really, really old… and the battery life is about 30 minutes… if I’m lucky… when it’s not plugged in. So it’s a sassy pants XD.
And there you have it, folks. Tune in next time when I’m not too lazy to put together an actual, literate post.
YES! This is over! *shoves it at Aloha and goes to bed XD*

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  1. haha! That was amusing and informative.

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