It’s Only the Beginning, Friends…

Of a bright new year. A preapocalyptic year where we can still enjoy cheesecake and love on our computers as much as we can before 2012.

Just kidding; I don’t believe in the whole “end of the world predicted by the Mayans” thing. God isn’t going to work on human timing.

Plus, the Hunger Games movie is supposed to come out that year. So the world can’t end. As much as I’m a sponsor for doom and destruction, we need to find out who they cast as Gale so I can fangirl.

End of the world aside, 2011 is a brand new year. And with yesterday’s half-delirious, eggnog-induced, “Wow, blog every day for a year? This sounds FUN!” descision, I suppose it’s a new year for blogging, too.

I made some resolutions at three this morning after my Psych marathon, but they’re the standard boring ones. Y’know, “spend less time on the computer” and “walk to the park at least once a week”. The ones that won’t really happen, and I know that, but for some reason I choose to make them, anyway.

I’m also excited for what’s in store writing-wise. I’m going to attempt my first Script Frenzy in April, even though I have no idea how to write a script. (Hey, a couple years ago I had no idea how to write a novel, and I did National Novel Writing Month XD). Then we’ve got another NaNo, obviously, and I’m going to try to write a lot more in the summer.

My mom’s friend who’s a soon-to-be-published author (the one I was in the book trailer for) told me that getting a laptop was one of her biggest assets to her writing career. And now I’ve had one for…. exactly a week.

Not much writing has been done, but I’ve been roleplaying a LOT.

Anyway, it’s going to be a good year. I woke up at ten to noon today, ambled downstairs, grabbed some chocolate and cheesecake (yeah, breakfast of champions… or teenagers…) and pulled up my blog. I figured today was going to be a GREAT day until I saw Faith’s comment and remembered my newfound promise to blog every day. I suppose that’s a resolution in itself…. That and reading my Bible more are the two I’m going to HAVE to keep, because now I’m being held accountable for them.

I suppose I’m going to be generic here and ask: What’re your New Years resolutions? Do you have people holding you accountable for them? When have you last eaten cheesecake?

Oh, and this may or may not be the first time you’ve heard this in 2011, but


^.^ -Aloha

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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15 Responses to It’s Only the Beginning, Friends…

  1. Tangy says:

    My breakfast was pineapple, sour cream and onion potato chips, and soda. I think I like it better.

    Resolutions: none.
    Cheesecake: last piece I ate was on Thanksgiving.

    • Aloha says:

      Mmm, pineapple. I love it so much, but it gets stuck in my braces too easily.
      Sour cream and onion potato chips are my favorites– and with the soda, I can see why you’d eat it all for breakfast. Maybe not good for your blood sugar, but man that sounds like a good meal to me XD

  2. Tigers Eyes says:

    Muahahaha, I don’t play the game. ‘Cause if you start… you can’t stop.
    Last time I ate cheesecake? Two years ago…
    And yay, I’m getting a laptop too!
    And: THEY ARE MAKING A MOVIE FOR THE HUNGERS GMAES?!? Ohmigosh, I need to find out who they cast for Gale. (Who by the way, is better than Peeta) My favourite charrie in the book. =P After Rue.
    That was very rambly…

  3. Olivia says:

    Yay, another Screnziest! *high-five* And don’t worry–having no idea how to write a script makes it all the more fun! XD

    And I last had cheesecake… sometime before Christmas. It’s been much too long.

  4. GRAWR! You fiend. I swear. That was the first time this year. But, I’ll stop being angry long enough to say this, I still have no idea how to write a script either. I did it last year, failed. (Parents fault. I would have won!) Anyway, if you figure out how to write a script anytime soon tell me! I still have no idea what I’m doing. So now I can be angry at you cuz I’m done with this comment. >.<

    • Aloha says:

      Was this about The Game? >.< Sorry, I couldn't resist.

      Okay, well ANY tips on scriptwriting would be immensely appreciated. We can go into it together.

      • Sounds great =D I’ve decided to come up with my own idea this year and not do a book =P and I’ve also decided to plan ahead of time instead of two days before April. So there’s two tips for you =) Make your own play and plan ahead. Other than that, I’m lost too.

      • Aloha says:

        Those are good ideas… XD Although ‘plan ahead’ isn’t really in my vocabulary.

        So wait, before you were making stage adaptions of previously-existing books? Was that fun, or harder?

  5. Nia says:

    Hey, that was my first time losing all year! RECORD! 😀

    I’m doing a new year’s rebelution. *Nods* I plan to do 100+ hard things this year, like in the back of Start Here…. *Pokes buttons*

    And I haven’t eaten cheesecake since November. T_T

    I’m doing Screnzy, too! Whoot whoot! I’m doing a comic book script this time. :]

    • Aloha says:

      DHT? One of the best books ever. I love their blog, too. Have you read the results of the modesty survey yet? They’re really eye-opening.

      That sounds beyond epic… Let me know how it goes, I’d love to read it!

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