Some Random Poetry

Eh, another long day of homework and jumping lessons (yes, on the horse, genius), 4H, and chores. So here’s some poems I’ve been working on (not all of them are complete) during the course of the school day and such. These are for the 100 Themes Challenge. I tried doing stories for each, but found I had more to say through poetry. My prose is a bit off, but this is what I’ve got so far….

I just posted them to my deviantArt so that it wouldn’t take up blog-space. Warning: some of them are a little dark. I don’t swear, though. No inappropriate content. Just dark writing.

….Now I’m heading off to go see my horse.

Hopefully I’ll get some ACTUAL blogging done when the day isn’t so crazy XP


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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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10 Responses to Some Random Poetry

  1. Tigers Eyes says:

    I’ve always wanted to jump a horse…. See, I have this. Um. Slight- for lack of a better word- obsession with horses.
    Has school started for you?
    Also, I like your poetry. Way better than mine. I’d comment on DeviantArt… but I seem to have, erm, misplaced my password ^^;

    • Aloha says:

      Ah, well I didn’t get to do too much jumping today because my horse was being a brat. But I love her anyways =P
      School started for us yesterday… What about you guys? And how are you settling in at your new school?
      XD Just ASK any of my friends and family and they’ll tell you I do the exact same thing with my passwords. Especially Free Realms… Bad habits die hard.
      Thank you ^.^ My style’s kind of dark. I try to write happy stuff but it turns out hopelessly ironic and twisted. I’m sure your poetry’s great, too…. If you’d let me SEE some *half-glare* XD

  2. Love the picture to get into the poetry! I’ll check it out and comment cuz I have a deviant account now! (It was not my choice. They made me sign up. >.< ) But yes, I love poetry so I'll read and comment.

    • Aloha says:

      Thanks for the Watch =D
      Haha, it was the only thumbnail-size photo on my new laptop. Didn’t feel like Googling to find one that matched the style… So I just threw it up there.

      • So like I started reading it. Amazing. It inspired a blog post in which shall never be posted but in my belief, it was good. But yeah, I really like your poetry.

      • Aloha says:

        Thanks… I’ve been working on even more since I posted that, I’ll have to upload it soon.
        Personally, I like YOUR poetry even better.
        I’ll have to talk to you about that last poem…. it seemed very, how do I put this, personal?
        But it had amazing emotion, which is the effect of really pouring yourself into the poem. The most sincere ones are the best.

  3. Tigers Eyes says:

    There is a reason I never show anyone my poetry… It sucks.
    Also, school starts for me again tomorrow…. Did I mention I had a moon chart for homework that I left at school? My physics teacher is going to murder me. Other than the whole new kid no friends thing, I guess it’s okay.

    • Aloha says:

      Pleaaase…. nothing I’ve read of yours so far sucks. Promise. We could be like poetry-buddies, and offer each other critique? It’s okay if you don’t feel like sharing, too, though.
      DX I’ll pray for you, then, and that your psychotic psychics teacher will show some mercy.
      Heck, I’ve been at this school for three YEARS and I hardly have any friends =P *hugs* We’ll be your friends, TE.

  4. It won’t let me reply. Blast it. Anyway. *headdesk* Curse my ability to act without thinking. Once it was up, I was screwed cuz someone saw it within five minutes. No joke. But yes, personal. Stupid idea to put it up but it was a good poem and I knew it and thus and thus. So yeah. And about liking my poetry better… well I like yours better. Honestly. I think it’s just something to do with seeing all of the faults in our own stuff because we made it and stuff so yeah… 😀

    • Aloha says:

      I’ll agree with that. Other people like my poetry more than I generally do, unless there’s something immensely personally striking to me in a poem (i.e. something written so deep from the heart that I rarely show it to anyone in the FIRST place), and it only makes sense to me.

      That’s the problem with blogging, anyone can see it at any time DX

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