One Of Those ‘Update’ Things

Where I tell you about my life as of late. Or something. I haven’t done this in a few months, I believe.

Let’s see. Christmas was great; we pulled off a great birthday party for Jesus this year.

After that, we went to a neighboring state to pick up my mom’s semi-Christmas present (her motorcycle– pretty sure I’ve mentioned it a thousand times. It’s suh-weet). Along the way we got snowed in and (unfortunately) had to spend an extra night at a hotel, watched the new Narnia (Eustice=<3 FTW), I pwned the Guitar Hero game at the arcade (AlohaFowl= #1 High Score on Sunshine of Your Love). Slept a lot, read a murder mystery on my sister’s Kindle, got to the climax of The Matrix and misplaced the disk (if anyone’d like to tell me what happens to Neo right as bald-traitor-dude tries to pull his plug, please let me know), ignored all my homework until ten o’clock the night before we went back to school, and slept through a week of classes.

That’s life in a nutshell.

Kindle murder mysteries and R-rated thrillers. I’m living the rebel life, my friends.

Next thing you know I’ll be drinking root beer. =P

This whole post-a-day-2o11 thing has been difficult for me, but altogether beneficial. It may get more difficult as the school year escalates into its climaxive third quarter, but it’s not like humans need sleep to function or something *laugh*. National Novel Writing Month and last year’s science fair put an end to THAT myth pretty quickly.

In a couple of weeks my mom and I are going to see the Broadway cast of Wicked preform, and I am SO excited. Ever since I was a runner-up in an essay contest and won a Wicked book, CD, and t-shirt, I’ve been addicted. The musical’s almost memorized and I’m trying to decide whether or not to buy this before we go to see it live.

Yeah, I made it. Yeah, it’s nerdy. Yeah, it would probably be my favorite shirt.

I’m also entering a contest to win tobyMac tickets. We’ll see how that works out… Winter Wonder Slam tour ROCKS. We went last year and missed Stephanie Smith but made it in time for a few of RelientK’s songs and (of course) the brilliant tobyMac.

I wrote a couple more poems. I’ll upload them later… probably just a few, this time, because I only have a handful out of this bunch that I like a lot. At this rate, I’ll have the 100 Themes challenge done by the end of the month. o.0 Oofta.

A couple of YouTube videos you should check out if you have spare time and/or homework that you should be doing right now:

Llamas With Hats If you don’t have an extremely dark sense of humor (or you get queasy at the sight of blood) then don’t click this. If that doesn’t apply to you, you’re probably going to love it just as much as me. “Caaaaarrrrllll!” There’s also a Llamas With Hats 2, Llamas With Hats 3, the recently-released Llamas With Hats 4, and several rap remixes.

I think we can all see why I would love this. Moving on.

Anything by Cohenism is brilliant (I love him BTW, and this time I have a crush on someone REAL and NOT GAY. Bonus points?) But if you’re still waiting to be introduced to his awesomeness, check out this. He’s seriously one of the few witty and genius vloggers on the web…. Plus he vlogs 5 days a week, so there’s no shortage of amazing content ❤

Vlogbrothers intro If you’ve never heard of them, here’s a good one to bring you into the Nerdfighters world. Then again, if you heard the Quark song I posted on my blog a few months ago (right around Thanksgiving), you’ve already seen one.

“Do you think it was the sausage?”

I’m biased on this one. There’s ponies. That’s Meekakitty for ya. (For some reason that video reminds me of the H2O episode where they all go to the barn and fall in the water trough and turn into mermaids?)

I’ll stop with the suggestions, because I’m sure you guys are amazing and have social lives and parties to go to on such a fine Friday night.

Hahahahahahahahahaha. (No offense.)



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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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13 Responses to One Of Those ‘Update’ Things

  1. Olivia says:

    Actually, you’re right. Tonight I have a date with my biology book. I think we’re soulmates. Just ask my mom–he’s all I talk about these days.

    …That is what you mean by social life, right? Social with unicellular prokaryotic organisms?

    On the subject of R-rated movies… Once my parents were flipping through looking for a movie for all of us to watch (’cause the only people I watch movies with are my parents. Ever. XD) and my mom said, “How ’bout The Patriot? Olivia loves period pieces!” So we watched it. A few months later, when I realized what it was rated, I was really shocked they were completely fine with me seeing an R movie. XD

    • Aloha says:

      I’m going to respond to all your comments right here XP

      Biology date? Yes. Personally I’m looking forward to researching the Holocaust for my essay due next week. The whole psychological side of things really interests me; how the Nazis had actually convinced themselves that Jews were lower than them, and mentally justified their reasons for the slaughter and abuse.

      I asked my dad first before I watched The Matrix. He said yes. I mean, gore? I write more gore into my books than the movie had. And language… well, after going to school with a plethora of teenagers for a couple of years, I’ve heard EVERYTHING.

      No ramble is a fail, I promise you. Unless you’re like my old social studies teacher and ramble on about your energy-efficent car for forty minutes (pulling up PICTURES to show us, along with youtube videos of the test drives), thus forgetting to assign homework and making for a very bored, but very grateful, class.

      • Olivia says:

        Woot! Nerds UNITE! xP I find psychology fascinating. And great to learn as writers, too.

        Bahaha, I know what you mean about gore. XD I’m glad I’m homeschooled. I’m not around people who swear all the time (except for extended family :P). I think if I went to public school I’d bring a pair or two of earplugs along each day. ‘Course then it would be hard to hear the bell ring. And the teacher talking…

        XD My writing teacher at a conference pulled up a Loony Tunes video during the break in our class. He was great, though. XD

      • Aloha says:

        I wish I was homeschooled. The environment at public school is less than desirable…. To say the least. But Mom and Dad say I’m there to be a good influence on the other kids.
        That is assuming they know I exist.

        Earplugs are a good idea =P I have my iPod with me, but we’re not allowed to listen to it during class. Or in the halls…. I have it on the bus to drown out the worst of the vile language, though.

        He sounds like a great teacher XD

  2. Olivia says:

    I put without the spaces at the end of the last paragraph, and it disappeared.

  3. Olivia says:

    Ultimate fail. I wrote “pointless ramble” in those sideways V thingies at the end of the last paragraph in my first comment without the spaces and it disappeared. So I commented saying what I did. I put spaces in between the V thingies and the words. It disappeared again.

    I’m not sure that made any sense. I’ll stop spamming you now.

  4. “I’m sure you guys are amazing and have social lives and parties to go to on such a fine Friday night.”

    Totally. Not. =P Actually my mom told me I should stay up late tonight and catch up on school. I’ll probably end up blogging. And stalking… er reading other peoples blogs. I’ll check out those videos later when I can actually pay attention without thinking I should go get a drink of water…

    • Aloha says:

      Agreed– I have no social life. I’d prefer to sit back with my computer or a season of Psych, or watch Stargate over spaghetti with my family.
      In fact, I’d RATHER be doing homework than actually have a social life. I have a friend who’s part of the popular crowd (long story) and some of the things they do at those parties…. Well, let’s just say I’d rather be a nerdy virgin.


      • Oh yeah. Luckily I live in a little religious town so if I ever did decide to socialize (ha, my mom wishes) then it would be a little bit better than “those” parties. More like rock climbing than uh yeah =P But I’m much happier writing and sleeping than talking and uh cheating? That should work. Mini rhyme XD

      • Aloha says:

        ^.^ My idea of socializatation is creating characters.

        That counts, right? They’re… like… people? Sort-of?

  5. Tigers Eyes says:

    Social life? What does that mean? Do you mean sitting at home playing card games with my cousin’s family and doing homework? xP My social life is Nanowrimo. and I get lonely when I’m not talking to my characters.
    And on a totally random note- I’m posting this as my first comment on my new laptop. ^-^

    • Aloha says:

      YAY FOR NEW LAPTOPS XP Have you named it yet? Every laptop needs a name, y’know. Mine is Codex and Mercy has Stevie. Anna has Lazarus and my dad’s is The Work Computer.

      Hey, that totally counts. In fact, *high five* for social interaction! I get lonely without my characters, too. They entertain me during class.

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