I Think I’m in Love









There’s a Commandment about not being jealous, right?

Found this here. If you love books, this site will have you drooling. (I’ve got some home improvement ideas… haha….)


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17 Responses to I Think I’m in Love

  1. Olivia says:


    *cough* Anyway…

    *ponders how to convince her dad to build that under their stairwell…*

    • Aloha says:

      Yeah. And if you could actually have a little ROOM under there, it would be like Harry Potter meets your own personal library.

      LIFE WIN.

      • Okay, this is my life’s goal. When I move to the East Coast to get my PH.D I’m buying a house that has stairs and I’m building this thing with a little room. Which I will sleep in and totally feel like Harry Potter. My life’s planning is complete.

  2. My heart covets. Fortunately, my honey gave me some power tools for Christmas, so theoretically, I could build one for myself…. If I had stairs like this in my home. Which I don’t. LOL

    • Aloha says:

      Haha =D You’re one of the lucky ones here…. Most of us are teenagers, and if we built a bookshelf on our stairs, our parents would kill us. Best case scenario.


  3. Nia says:


  4. Tigers Eyes says:

    Oh. It’s…. beautiful. =o How would you get the books on the top though? Now I must go to this site…

  5. You get to the top of the books by climbing the stairs and then hanging down and grabbing which ever ones you need XD I so wish I had that. My books are all over my room because I have a little tiny book shelf that I have to put my books in two or three deep. *sigh*

    • Aloha says:

      Same. I actually have a couple knee-high stacks of books in our guest room, because I don’t have room for them on my bookshelf, closet, or nightstand. And then another stack on my floor….

      You can never have too many books.

      • No you can’t XD Whenever I complain to my dad he always says “you can always get rid of them.” So I shut up and shove them into the corners a little bit farther =P

  6. Tangy says:

    Oh man. I found that site a while back and I love it.

  7. annanm says:

    If I had stairs or hadn’t converted to the Nook Color, I would so be all over that. I still want it though.

    • Aloha says:

      Oh, how is the Nook Color? I saw an advertisement for it yesterday in Barnes and Noble– first I’d heard of it, actually.

      My sister has a regular Kindle… What’s the difference between that and the Nook Color?

      • annanm says:

        I quite enjoy the Nook Color. I personally couldn’t use a kindle because I had to strain to read it, but the Nook’s display is like a computer instead, which if you’re ok with staring at a computer screen for hours on end, then it works out well. It’s also almost completely a touch-screen based device, which is nice for internet browsing and such. Oh and it uses Wi-Fi for internet instead of a 3G network that some e-readers use.

  8. Tigers Eyes says:

    And that, is the best case scenario. From my dad. Actually, my mom would probably say the same thing.
    The sad thing is, my house in Maldives DOES have a staircase. A curvish one. The kind you can build a relatively roomy room under. which I only just realised. I won’t be able to though….

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