Oh, Gurren Lagann…

“There are two things you need to know about the Human Eradication Forces. One, we set out to destroy all humans from the face of this planet. And two, that’s MY rabbit and I’m going to fight you for it!”

I understand the stresses of being a scriptwriter. But at some point you have to look back and see if the dialogue exposition is natural.

Hah, here’s another one:

“Simon! It’s over! We’re all going to die! Oh, nooooo!”

It’s not only stilted and NOT something you would shout out, but he wasn’t even in a life-or-death situation. He had one knife-wielding opponent while he was in the back of this uberepic robot warrior-machine doom-thing.

The one writing technique I AM learning from this show is the power of interior monologue or banter while writing an action scene. If two characters are just fighting, fighting, fighting, it’s going to get boring. There’s no wit. But even though in most real battles the people won’t really be bantering, per se, readers will tire of pages of combat unless there’s something else to occupy them.

Even if the dialogue goes “HUMAN FREAK!” “SCUM!” as both opponents are circling in their giant robot-doom-things.

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6 Responses to Oh, Gurren Lagann…

  1. haha! There we go, thank you. I will use these tips come April.

  2. Tigers Eyes says:

    Hey…. Um- I’m confused. Why did your header thing change to a a picture of Gurren .. Larren? Thingy? (Sorry- I don’t know what it is…) But just on this page…

    • Aloha says:

      Yeah, XD I set it as the ‘featured image’. You’ll notice I’ve done it on a few other posts, like the bookshelf/staircase one and the Christmas Season one.

  3. christicorbett says:

    Great post, but I kind of do want to hear an actor say the line about fighting for their rabbit…sounds awesome!

    Christi Corbett

    • Aloha says:

      Yeah, it’s a very interesting show.

      I tried to find just the clip of that scene on Youtube, but all they had were full episodes and I couldn’t remember which one I was watching.

  4. Nia says:

    I wanna see that! It sounds AWESOME!

    XD Sorry.

    Unnatural things are often the funniest of all.

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