10 Things I Believe In

10. The Apocalypse. I believe in the end, the very end. I believe in resolution, in finality. I believe in the distinguishment of good and evil– finally. I believe in justice for the forgotten and justice for the corrupt.

9. I believe in the power of a single lie. It can wound, hurt, and destroy. It can bring people together and it can tear them apart (the latter much more quickly). What is literature but beautifully and masterfully designed lies? What is entertainment? Truth is nothing without its counterpart, just as there would be no light if for darkness. Lies are weapons. Most weild them carelessly.

8. I believe in reliance. To really live, you must be humbled. To really live, you must lean on someone else and know you have nothing to fall back on. To be alive, you have to be close to death–not only close, but you have to hug it. Hug it and kiss it, tackle it and embrace it. Live with death and die with your life. Rely on instinct. Rely on God. Just don’t rely on humanity. The greatest gift in life is knowing who you can rely on– and once you’ve found that, you’ve found where you belong.

7. I believe in the smell of rain (and other happy things). I believe in joy, the way GOD created it. I believe in love, hope, truth, and light (even though my writing might not reflect this). I believe in the eyes of the puppy, of the fur of the kitten, of the gentle hoofbeats of the horse. I believe in goodness and grace. I believe in the promises of our Lord. I believe in rainbows.

6. I believe in the fall of entertainment. The evolution– from singer to preformer. They’re not the same thing. I believe in the loss of magic, in the inherent lies people expect us to believe in secular culture. The swearing, the sensuality, the loss of quality, the commoner-turned-star thematic elements that we’ve grown to expect. Forgotten standards. I believe that it cannot be redeemed. That what was once something to help humans cope with reality has become their reality.

5. I believe in the forgotten. I believe in the nerds, the geeks, the ‘lost causes’ and the failures. Those that slip through the cracks of society. I believe we can accomplish much greater things on our own. I believe in the unbelievers, the jaded, the crooked. The liars and the players and the murderers and the condemned. Welcome to society, welcome to truth.

4. I believe in the emptiness of a soul. Sometimes the darkness is more filling than the light. You forget that black isn’t always the color of hurt and pain. Black can just be hunger– for truth or for love, who cares? Hunger is motivation. Motivation is proactive, and proactivity is the only way to save society.

3. I believe in the corruption of the human race.

[I believe in popularity.]

2. I believe in the power of relationships. I believe in love and its promises. Friendship, romance, family, trust.



Agree? Disagree? Confused? Comment.

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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3 Responses to 10 Things I Believe In

  1. camsii says:

    Agree with a lot… disagree with a few (I’m not Christian… I’m a Muslim.) not really confused. Yeah. And hi! (Have I said? I’m Camsii/echo tiger’s friend.)

    • Aloha says:

      Welcome, Camsii! Nice to meet you 🙂 Any friend of Tiger is a friend of mine.

      One of the best things about the internet is interacting with people that share some (but not all) of your beliefs. I’ve learned a lot this way. =D

      Thanks for commenting and hope to see you around XD Do you have a blog?

  2. Nia says:

    I’m in agreement with all those.

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