Dancing Through Life

Meet Fiyero.

Before you pause and go, “Wait a minute, this guy looks real…”

Don’t worry. He’s from Wicked. Book first, musical second, love of my life third.

You can take a deep breath. Of course I wouldn’t fall for someone who exists. That would require social interaction, stepping outside my comfort zone, taking my head out of a book/laptop, etc, etc, etc.

Anyway, we went to see Wicked. And it was wicked awesome. (See what I did there? Eh? Eh?)

The book is okay. It’s hard to say I’d recommend it, per se, but there’s about fifty or a hundred pages where they’re all at Shiz University that I have to reread over and over again. Most of the rest of the novel reads like the 400 pages of The Deathly Hallows where the three of them are camping, unfortunately.

For once I can say that the real-life adaption of the book actually improved upon it. Wicked the musical took the best elements of the book, cut out the 300 pages of Elphie trekking through the Vinkus on some desperate attempt to find forgiveness from someone who ends up dying, and gave us a tighter, neater storyline than even the brilliant Gregory MacGuire could plot up.

Not to mention that (spoiler alert) Elphaba (protagonist), Fiyero, Nessa, Dr. Dillamond, Madame Morrible, Sarima, etc all end up dying in the book. In the musical, the only one that dies is Nessa, and that’s a GOOD thing because she’s this evil dictator.

Only regrets from the book/musical transition: Boq, instead of a really cute studious nerd and great friend to Elphie, comes across as a creepy cross-dresser. Everyone who hadn’t read the book asked me if he was gay. And then he becomes the Tin Man (which most certainly did NOT happen in the book).

But the music, the actors, the sets, the humor… The musical was amazing.

And I’m sure everyone (*winks at Red*) at school is sick of my “Fiyeroissohot” episodes, which occur about every ten minutes in art class. I’ve taken to drawing him in my notebooks, singing Dancing Through Life at the bus stop (quietly), reading [almost] every scene with him in it in the book.

Fictional lovers aside, my blog post quality has kind of dropped lately. I apologize. School has been hectic and I’m barely managing to fit everything in. I will work harder to continue to maintain the quality of this blog despite Postaday and homework, et cetera.

On a more humorous note, who else can get this immediately? (Pic credit ~darthpocky)

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5 Responses to Dancing Through Life

  1. Senom299 says:

    Magikarp-et ride.

    Wow. Punny.

  2. Tigers Eyes says:

    Gah! xD I knew it was Pokemon though, I just forgot the name… Magickarp..

  3. Nia says:

    Gregory Macguire scared the crud outta me when I read one of his short stories, so I haven’t even attempted Wicked yet. XD

    • Aloha says:

      XD It’s a bit crass and there’s a lot of… ahem… sex, but it’s still a really good book at parts.

      I haven’t read any of his short stories, but I love scary stuff, so I’ll have to give ’em a try!

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