Less is More… and More is Less??

Here’s two things I don’t understand.








Okay, I don’t understand a lot of things about normal people. But this is just downright weird. People actually pay more for glasses that obstruct their vision, and jeans ripped to shreds.


Now before we get into this, I’m going to make a disclaimer. I’m a total hypocrite. I got a pair of stripey-glasses as a party favor, and I’m pretty sure they’re still somewhere in the massive black hole that is my room. And I’m wearing a pair of ripped jeans right now–they have holes in the knees from where I’ve skidded across carpet and fallen off horses. (Mom doesn’t like me wearing my “nice” jeans to the barn, lol.) What I’m talking about is people who specificially pay extra and only wear the jeans that look like the store manager sic’d a zombie at them. This confuses me.

My one comfort is that the glasses make all the popular kids trip because they can’t see, and during the winter the jeans with no fabric are excruciatingly cold.

But I digress. There are so many things about popular kids I don’t get. These are just two of my pet peeves that I saw a lot at school today.

Anyone else wondering if you should get half-off jeans for only half the fabric?

(P.S.: On a better note….


My second published MLIA. So happy. ❤ )

Oh yeah, and YOU LOST THE GAME.

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4 Responses to Less is More… and More is Less??

  1. KathrineROID says:

    *shakes head* I haven’t even seen those glasses, which shows you how out of it I am. But SERIOUSLY? You couldn’t see through those things! How in the universe did they become a fad?? You can tell I’m excited when I double-punctuate.

    And ripped jeans. . . I can’t imagine what it looks like when ripped jeans actually get ripped from falling off a horse or the roof (or not seeing because you’re wearing blind man’s glasses). Probably like you survived the apocalypse. Anyways, I regularly wear jeans until they have no knees. In fact, about a week ago my last good pair when I knelt quickly. 😛 Yesterday my mom dragged me out of my clam shell to go shopping. So two new, nice, HOLE-LESS pairs. From the back wall. Stuff toward the front was all pre-ripped.

    Have you ever thought about who pre-rips the jeans? Imagine a little kid: “I want to be a jean-ripper when I grow up!” (Alright, so it’s probably machine-done. Don’t burst the funny bubble.)

    OMW, I just googled “how are ripped jeans made.” The results are all about how to make “home-made ripped jeans.” You have got to be kidding me! People take their good jeans and cut them up? Hitting post comment before I freak out further. . .

  2. Nia says:

    I know a girl who wears those glasses all the time. She’s obsessed. I don’t get them.

    I won’t pay for ripped jeans. If I want ripped jeans, I go to the second-hand store, get a good pair of jeans, and then play Calvinball. I get what I want for five bucks and an hour or two of pure fun.

    And then my grandmother says that my ripped jeans are disgraceful and patches them. *Shrugs*

  3. First, I hate you. Luckily I like you enough to not hold a grudge XD

    Then I totally agree with you. Do you know what’s really, really cool? The college I’m going to has a honor code and to uphold the honor code you can’t wear pants with holes in them. I’m completely serious. No distressed jeans, capris, hats in the building, flip flops (that one I’m not exactly happy with… I hate shoes). I love this college.

    You know when our parents were kids they would by a nice pair of pants and take them to the… place where you get your clothes washed (I have an excellent memory) and would pay for the people to wash them until they faded. Genius right?

  4. Tigers Eyes says:

    How do you SEE through those glasses? Is it because they are so close to your eyes? Does it have the same effect as when you ‘see through cloth’? Sorry, I’m getting a bit carries away with that….

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