Hot Fictional Guys You Should Know About: Artemis Fowl

(I’ve blogged about Artemis Fowl here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, as well as mentioned him in just about every blog post/sentence in conversation (regardless of context), so if you don’t know who he is, SHAME ON YOU. SHAME. Go read a book. Specifically Artemis Fowl. Look, I’m even providing you with details of purchase here. You have no excuses. I’ll even pay for shipping.)

Heck yeah. Pic by ~lemontehping, hotness by Eoin Colfer










If you haven’t read about the time I proposed to the official Artemis Fowl actor on the book tour, read I’m the Nut! Parts One and Two. They’re somewhere in the forest of links up there. *points*

Artemis Fowl one of the top two snarkiest, world-domination-aspiring, drop-dead hot teenagers on Earth.

The other is myself. =P

We belong together. He and I are both slightly evil, slightly crazy, slightly antisocial (slightly would be a, uh, slight understatement), and have an unnatural affinity for a good quark joke. We both have the intent of ruling the world and never quite seem to understand the rest of modern-day teenagers. He hates math even more than I do. Yeah.

We’re also a bit obsessive. Him over the fairy people and every goal he ever has– me over him. The two AF books I got signed by the author are displayed on my trophy shelf in front of my horse show ribbons, and sometimes I kiss the covers. One of the only things that makes me smile, truly smile, is a fanfiction picture of him, or a line from The Atlantis Complex. He makes me happy. All the time. I think of him at least sixteen times a day, oftentimes more.

The therepist says this is what one would call “verge of stalking and compulsive sociopathic tendencies.”


That’s the actor I asked to marry me. It’s also a very, very catchy song that reflects the spirit of the books (especially #7, the most recent, quite well).


On another note, I apologize profusely for my lack of responding to comments lately. I’ve fallen behind on a lot of stuff, and my typically-prompt ARS (automatic response system) is on hold for a bit. Do not think I’m ignoring you! I’m simply too busy planning world domination and listening to classical musicals (in that order). The ARS shall be up and running soon. 

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3 Responses to Hot Fictional Guys You Should Know About: Artemis Fowl

  1. Tigers Eyes says:

    *sigh* Oh dear SDR, I do believe we have a problem.
    Artemis is mine!
    *unleashes rebellion forces*
    ( =P )

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