The World’s Most Typical Person

Awesome, don’t you think? I find this facinating.

Of course, I’m a left-handed female under the average age, living across the world from the average country, whose family makes more than the average income, has her own bank account, and looks nothing like the sketch of the average human. (I do, however, have a cell phone.)

But some of us’ve gotta be abnormal, right?

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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16 Responses to The World’s Most Typical Person

  1. Tangy says:

    I was wondering about this a few months ago. Now I know. =D

    • Aloha says:

      Sweet! My Bio teacher showed us the article…. I thought it was facinating, went to do a bit more research on it, and stumbled across this video.

  2. draagyn12 says:

    Let’s see. The only three categories that I fall into are
    ~makes less than $12,000 a year (my allowance doesn’t pay that well! xD) (But my parents make well over that)
    ~And does not have a bank account (My parents do, however)

    • Aloha says:

      XD Well, yeah, I didn’t mean that I made over 12k a year. I don’t even GET allowance XDXD But I was assuming we meant our parents.
      My bank account has about $8.02 in it. LOL.

      • draagyn12 says:

        Oh, I don’t exactly get allowance either. I have to do a certain number of chores every week before I get it… and, well, if I don’t do the chores, I don’t get the money….

      • Aloha says:

        Ah, yeah, that’s how most of my friends do it.
        I have a certain number of chores each week, and if I don’t get them done, I get grounded. LOL.

  3. Olivia says:

    How fitting for such an atypical person to aspire to world domination! XD

    My family makes more than 12,000 and has a bank account, so if you don’t count those, the only category I fall into is right-handedness. XD

  4. Wow this is so interesting! I’m right handed but younger than the average age. I don’t have a cell phone, I’m from the USA and I have a bank account… But I’m not sure how much my parents get per year… I’m thinking that it’s more than that so yeah. I get a couple hundred dollars a year working on the farm but that’s about it.

  5. Mercy says:

    I think it’s safe to say that I’m not average, since I’m not a 28-year old Chinese man. My family makes more than that (I think) and I have a cell phone and a bank account (though that money’s supposed to go to getting me my own car one day … I’ve been saving since I was 5) and I am right-handed.
    Very enlightening.

  6. kikiann11 says:

    I am right handed, have a cell phone, a bank account, and am well under the average age. I also look nothing like the most average person (I am a female) and I am less than half the world’s average age. Wouldn’t it be epic if someone actually fell into all of those categories?

  7. Nia says:

    I’m right handed, have a phone, savings account, and am under the average age. My family makes around the average amount, I think. I live in America, but I’m mainly Norwegian, Scottish, and German (My family’s only been here for four generations at most).

    Hm. How dreadfully normal. XD

    If you look at average American appearance, however, I don’t look that American. I’d probably physically fit in better in one of my heritage countries. *Must google averages for heritage countries*

  8. BushMaid says:

    Woo! Left handers rule!! *hi fives Aloha the left with her left hand* I be left handed too! 😀 And I’m pretty much the same as you are with the rest of the details as well. 😀

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