The Nerdfighter’s Bucket List

“Don’t take life too seriously– nobody makes it out alive anyway.”

-Frank Arduini

That said, we’ve got about 75 years or so to smell the roses. How do we choose to spend it? By doing nerdy awesome things, of course! Using a Sharpie to cover a towel with Hitchhiker quotes, reading a fantasy novel so many times the cover comes off, watching the 25th Anniversary Les Mis Concert Tour on PBS over and over (I cried…. again….), drinking Coke with licorice as a straw. Singing songs about quarks and emailing Warner Chilcott to tell them “you suck”. Dreaming about guys who don’t exist, organizing our Hank Green CDs in alphabetical order, doing NaNoWriMo and naming all our Wurmples after everyone in the Malfoy family tree.

I’m compiling a bucket list, of all the totally lame things you should do before you, well, kick the bucket. And I need submissions. Leave them in the comments (or make your own blog post about them and link to it here!), NaNoMail me (AlohaAuthor7), email me, or put a banana in your favorite ear. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to contact me. And then we’ll have a MASSIVE unveiling of the biggest nerdy bucket list on this side of Narnia! Let’s set a due date of March 20— that’s a full week and a half from now–so I can whip it together. It will be llama’d DFTBA’in epic.

Almost as epic as that.

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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16 Responses to The Nerdfighter’s Bucket List

  1. melsar93 says:

    Aloha, I threw this out to the twitterverse with #geekbucketlist. I’ll let you know what I get back.

  2. annanm says:

    1. Go to the Greenland in search of Narwhals.
    2. Realize the scientific name for Narwhals in Greek translates to “one-toothed unicorn.”
    3. Go to the Paris Opera House. Sit in Box 5. Halfway through the show, start screaming.
    4. Find Unicorn. Pet. Ride.

  3. Nia says:

    This is all real. XP

    1. Finish editing one of my novels and get it published.
    2. Go on a date at the library.
    3. Go on a trip to observe vampire bats in their natural habitat.
    4. Win a gold at the congressional awards.
    5. Make it to nationals with History Day.
    6. See the Loch Ness monster.
    7. Start a blog that’s actually, like, um, cool?
    8. Learn Latin.
    9. Memorize a Shakespeare play.
    10. Go on a bike ride across my state.

  4. Tigers Eyes says:

    Nia, Latin is actually one of the subjects at my school!! And I took it, it was awesome… and here comes the ‘but’, my dad made me give it up although I love it. =(

    Lets see…
    Get a John Green T-shirt
    Get Will Grayson Will Grayson signed by John Green.
    Meet Charlieissocoollike
    Watch all the Doctor Who episodes.
    Finish watching Pokemon
    Learn GREEK!
    Watch all the vlogbrothers videos.
    I’ll finish my list later, I cant think of more right now.

  5. BushMaid says:

    Me being the un-nerdy person I am, can only contribute one nerdy goal.

    1. Get at least one story published on MLIA. 😀

  6. Mercy says:

    Learn how to play the Harry Potter Theme Song (aka Hedwig’s Song) on the piano … oh, wait! *checks that off list*
    Make clothing out of duct tape.

  7. kikiann11 says:

    1. Speak entirely in Latin for a day.
    2. Entirely cover wall in unicorn/Harry Potter/ movie posters.
    3. Memorize Darth Vader theme.
    4. Read all Harry Potter books in a row, watch the movies, then scream at the television when the film is different from the book.
    5. Find movie errors and point them out (loudly) when watching with friends.
    6. Watch every episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender. In a row.
    Those are all for now. I’ll post some on my blog soon..

  8. Olivia says:

    Nia, #2 is awesome. xD

    I *know* I have a whole bunch, but right now I cannot think of anything. >.<

  9. Nia says:

    Yay Tiger! XP I think Latin is awesome, but as no one I know speaks it (plus I don’t have any classes I can take to learn it) that goal is pretty hard to achieve. :c

    Thanks, Olivia. XD

  10. (I can’t blog so you know what I’m doing instead? Commenting. That’s soo much better than blogging. Whatever. This is awesome. Anywho…)

    1. Meet Charlie. The Zebragi! The one I’m writing a story about.
    2. Meet any other zebragi.
    3. Meet Aloha.
    4. Meet Anna.
    5. Meet John and Hank Green.
    6. Go to the Wizarding World in both Florida and in the UK. When it gets there.
    7. Meet Luke Conard.
    8. Watch the Harry Potter movies whilst reading the book so you can catch all the little mistakes.
    9. Read the Harry Potter scripts. (Gosh, I need to do this.)
    10. Watch all the Vlog brothers videos. Both past and present and their challenge where they only communicated through vlogs for a year.
    11. Meet J.R.R. Tolkien. (Don’t we wish.)
    12. Meet J. K. Rowling.
    13. My list is pretty much filled with meeting people…
    14. Put gum on the gum wall in Seattle. With Kristin Horner and Luke Conard.
    15. Meet Harry Potter. (You never said these had to be realistic, did you?)
    16. Get kicked out of walmart. (This is seriously on my bucket list. I’ve tried and failed once already. Obviously being highly caffeinated and having your brother lead you around the store until you reach the toy aisles to have sword/light saber fights is not enough to get you kicked out, who knew?)

    Hm… I think that’s all for now. Sorry if I repeated any! I didn’t really read through the comments too carefully. This is an awesome idea Aloha!

  11. Olivia says:

    *is learning Latin* *feels like a total nerd* xD

    Nia, you could always save up for Rosetta Stone. That’s what I’m using. ^^

  12. Nia says:

    Ooh, I wanna get kicked out of Wal-mart too, Faith! 😛

    I shall research this “Rosetta Stone” you speak of, Olivia. XD

  13. ellantoby says:

    linguam latinam legere possum. (If I did that correctly, it’s “I am able to read the Latin language.”)

    1. Experience Zero G.
    2. Live in England.
    3. Go to Antarctica.
    4. Become fluent in three languages, at least.
    5. Read all of Wikipedia.

    I occasionally check this blog (yay for NaNoWriMo) but I don’t usually comment. However, I felt obligated due to the Latin stuff. Because I’m taking Latin and have a test on chapter thirteen in my Latin textbook tomorrow. (Those of you who don’t think Latin is worthwhile are furcifers.)

  14. Seashell says:

    Learn Klingon…
    I’ve been kicked out of Denny’s restaurant, but never Walmart.

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