Aloha Gets Grounded

Hi blog readers in the world!!! Aloha can’t make it today becuse, thats right, she’s grounded. So instead I, Aloha’s sister (Hope), will take control of the blog. MUHAAAHAAAHAAAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my sister and I are nothing alike, right?)

It is time for Awesome Harry Potter Videos With Hope = )   (watch eeeeeeetttt)

one of the most awesome Rermione videos EVER, right?

So….. I think Aloha will be back again tomorrow *sigh* but if you want more Hope then comment for me pleeeeeeez????????!!!!!!!!!!!

thx, ttys,


About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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9 Responses to Aloha Gets Grounded

  1. Tigers Eyes says:

    Hi Hope. How did she get grounded anyway? And I will watch it ; ) When I get out of schoo- must go. Teacher on rampage (ok, I may be exaggerating.)

  2. Olivia says:

    xD Hi, Hope! Nice to meetcha!

    Nope, nothing alike. 😉

  3. KathrineROID says:

    Oh no. There are two of them.

    Aloha should let you on any day she doesn’t make it. Or is that cheating Post A Day 2011?

  4. Nia says:

    Hello, Hope. LUMOS FLIES!

  5. draagyn12 says:

    Hello, Hope. Yep, you’re nothing like your sister. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE HER. 😉

  6. Mercy says:

    Whoa! It’s like … it’s like … you’re not even related!
    (That’s one of my favorite songs, FTW*.)
    *In case Aloha has not informed you, Hope, FTW does not mean “for the win” as many think. It actually means “film the wombat”.

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