HFYSKA: Marius

Name: Marius Pontmercy

From: Les Miserables

Age: Late teens

Personality: Generous, kindhearted, and a hopeless romantic, Marius is torn between battling with his friends for his country and staying behind to protect the one he loves—Cosette—but ultimately risks his life at the barricade and still gets the girl. While not originally gaining Jean Val Jean’s favor, Marius goes out of his way to prove himself a dependable husband for Cosette.

Skills: Um…… romantic poetry? I’d say he was a great fighter, but he got shot and almost died shortly after entering the melee. If Jean Val Jean hadn’t carried him through the sewer system and cared for his wounds, Marius would have died.

Other: Didn’t know it, but he was caught in a tragic love triangle. Eponine was in love with him, he was in love with Cosette. Cosette loved him back, Eponine died, and Marius and Cosette married. Probably the cleanest way to deal with a love triangle, so props to Hugo for that. Meyers could take some lessons.

HAHA, I made it with a few minutes to spare. I’m exhausted. We’re going to need a vacation after this vacation 🙂 There’s still one more day left of Disneyland before we head home, and that means only one more wimpy HFGYSKA post–heck yes!

As soon as we get home and get our bearings, I’ll edit together the Nerdy Bucket List. So I’m extending the deadline until tomorrow night! Comment, email, or twitter with the hashtag #geekbucketlist. It’s gonna be great!

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3 Responses to HFYSKA: Marius

  1. Whoa! Go Disneyland XD I hope you have a blast!

  2. Madeline P says:

    Heck ya, Marius!! <3!!!!

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