I’M BACK and How My Computer Was Probably Used For Russian Drug Trafficking by the IT Guy

First off….. Wow, it’s been a while. πŸ™‚ Feels good to be behind the keyboard again.

Secondly, THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH KTHX. Mercy, Olivia, Faith– you guys are incredible. I don’t know how to thank you properly for actually starting a second Embracing Insanity and taking turns running it while I was gone…. Quite honestly, reading the website, I love it more than my own πŸ˜‰ It’s… it’s amazing that you guys would do that for me, and you have no idea how touched I am. If I could come over and glomp you guys all to death right now, I would. From the bottom of my heart,Β thank you thank you thank you.Β 

Thirdly, I’d like to thank EVERYONE. I was gone quite a while… (over three months!) and your patience and continued support has been a blessing. I was in a funk for a while, pretty much ever since January, moping around, not really seeing how God was working in the situations I was in with friends, family, and horse issues. It was getting harder and harder to keep up with the blog, I was procrastinating badly on my schoolwork, and I felt like I was suffocating constantly. Taking a hiatus allowed me to breathe and think about a lot of things, and I’m happy to say that things really took a turn for the better. I managed to turn things around and finish the school year strong. (Not that all my problems were solved… the social ones, for example, still exist ^.^ But you’ve gotta take what you can get.) Now that it’s summer (phew, halfway through it already!), I’m going to take back the reins, if it’s okay with you guys.

For the next couple of days, I’ll be mostly doing blogΒ maintenance, notifying people I’m back, syncing the posts from the Blogspot EI (here, if you haven’t seen it), and generally reworking the site. Β But I’ll start back up with Post a Day. Groan if you will, but I have enough HFGs I “met” during hiatus to last once a week until the end of the year (I checked).

Yeesh… I don’t mean to ramble…. (Who am I kidding, “ramble” is my middle name….!)

So, as I’m getting things set up to restart this whole brouhaha of blogging madness, (hehe, brouhaha) I want to hear what YOU ALL have been up to these past few months. Anything notable? Just the norm? When does your summer start? Did you celebrate National Cow Week?

(Speaking of which, you guys, it’s SO COOL you got Carrie Harris to join you in the holiday! Click here if you haven’t read her post.)

In other news…. It’s been a while since I’ve made you lose the game, hasn’t it?

….Not long enough, probably *smirk*

(Note/Disclaimer/Weak Excuse: I actually meant to come back, like, two months ago, but my laptop went totally funky. I fought with it, unable to get online for more than five minutes, but eventually we had to take it in to get fixed by the IT guy at my dad’s work. It took him a MONTH to fix it. Not because it was a particularly difficult job, but because he took a vacation in Las Vegas and then traveled to Europe AFTER he’d taken my poor baby Codex away. Then he had job training or a Russian drug cartel to supervise or an underground wallpaper-trafficking operation to conduct or a black market quark retail to oversee. Either way, he wasn’t in town and he didn’t fix my computer kthxbai. I almost went and shot off his kneecap, mafia-style, to “motivate” him. Except I don’t know anything about him except his name (Richard), where he works (with my dad) or what he does in his free time (NOT fix computers). Dad wouldn’t give me his full name, phone number, or home address, or a gun, for some reason. So I decided, since baby Codex is now home and running smoothly, I’ll let this one go. But if you’re reading this, Richard, you are a dead man when I figure out your identity. And if you were out of the country smuggling foreign movies through my laptop, I will track you down and justice will be served and also I want in on your black market quark trade.)


I forgot where I was going with this. OH YEAH.

Not to be abrupt and tick off my amazingly awesomely wonderfulness-filled blogging substitutes who slaved to stick to the schedule for the three months I was gone, but since I’ve got some new stories and fresh ideas, I’m gonna ditch the brand-new schedule for a while and just freestyle it. I’ll still limit the HFG to once a week (max) so I don’t overwhelm the WordPress servers with hotness. Consider yourselves thankful, because if I were to post all these guys at once, your computers would implode. I’m serious.

Suppose I should wrap this up here. Long post still long, I just want to say thanks AGAIN for everything, you all. I’m seriously amazed at the extent that you guys went to keep things going and I love you all so much!! Here’s to the rest of the year being as insanity-embracing as the first, sans hiatus, plus more llamas!

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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37 Responses to I’M BACK and How My Computer Was Probably Used For Russian Drug Trafficking by the IT Guy

  1. ZNZ says:

    YAY! *glomps* It’s good to have you back!

  2. Bush says:


    *glompflytacklehug* It is SO so so so SO good to have you back!!! I was only thinking of you the other day!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    I haven’t done much since you left, other than work on my blog and make graphics for my graphics blog. πŸ˜€ http://www.bushmaidgraphics.blogspot.com

    But wow! I was so excited to see (1) next to your folder in my inbox!

    • Aloha says:

      *sputter* *cough* Can’t…. *sputter* Breathe…. *cough* *grin*

      That’s really ironic, ’cause I was just thinking of you the other day, too!

      I was checking out your book covers and siggies earlier today…. my, Bush, you’ve gotten even better! Some of those seriously look like actual, professionally-done book covers that you’d see on any Barnes and Noble shelf. For the next book I write you can bet I’m coming to you for the cover!

  3. Mercy says:

    OMZ OMZ OMZ!!!
    I don’t even know what to say, except OMZ ALOHA YOU’RE BACK YAY! I was kind of wondering if you had gotten sucked into a parallel universe, and if you were ever coming back or not.
    And as for Embracing Insanity (the Blogspot version) I hosted it on my blog for a few days, if you didn’t know, and then Olivia came up with that. It was truly a labor of love.
    I’m so glad you’ve gotten your life good with God. We’ve all been praying for you. πŸ™‚
    OF COURSE I celebrated National Cow Week. I celebrated it so. Freaking. Much. And we also got Beth Revis to post, too. Here’s the stats in case you haven’t seen them: http://mercyvaughn.blogspot.com/2011/05/national-cow-week-2011-wrap-up.html
    Don’t worry, I was kind of getting tired of that schedule.
    Oh, and by the way, you won a random comment contest at my blog, like, right after you left. I’ll have to go dig up the post.
    I’m so glad you’re back.
    I’ll email you about how to deal with the “you-now-technically-have-two-blogs” situation.
    And finally, have you heard about Camp Nanowrimo?

    • Aloha says:

      Film the wombat and french the llama, I’m glad to be back too! I really missed you all… I prayed for you, too, Mercy!
      Those NCW stats are incredible! Hopefully next year we can get even more publicity… It’ll be epicsauce!
      ….How did I win a comment contest on your blog after I went on hiatus? *confused* XD
      Yeah, I meant to talk to you. I was going to ask your permission to repost all the Blogspot EI posts on the WordPress one, set to the dates they were originally posted. It would take quite a bit of work, but then you’d be able to see all the posts for the year in one place. I’ll shoot you an email as soon as I finish this comment so we can talk!
      HECK YES I’ve heard of Camp NaNoWriMo XD I got emails about it from the OLL. After I read Kirsten’s post about it last night and realized the website was up, I went over and signed myself up. I’m still under AlohaAuthor7. I’m not writing a novel in July, though. I’m just going to plan a really good one for November and put all my effort into that, instead of two smaller, mediocre projects.

  4. Kirsten says:

    Holy crap, you’re back! I’ve missed you so much. I’m glad you got your life back on track and that you’ll be posting every day once more.

    • Aloha says:

      Hey Kirsten! It’s definitely good to be back.

      I read your post on Camp NaNoWriMo yesterday and got so excited I promptly went over and signed myself up. Thanks for the info!

      How’s your blog been doing? It looks like it’s been flourishing πŸ˜€

      • Kirsten says:

        Great! It’s been going well, though I missed your presence. I cannot thank you enough for reading in in its crappiest state in its early stages. And you had BETTER keep going with HFGYSKA, because I need my weekly dose of hot fictional guys. I don’t know enough real ones.

      • Aloha says:

        Real hot guys?
        You mean those actually…. exist? =o

    • Aloha says:

      Thanks! But I’m dying to hear about your exploits while I was gone, particularly you being in cahoots with the actual Hell’s Kitchen and your Freshly Pressed-ness!

  5. Olivia says:


    *glomps her into bookshelf, sending the whole library raining down* Ouch…

    I’m so glad you’re all right! And that you weren’t, like, kidnapped or something! And I’m glad that you got things sorted out. πŸ˜€ And that I have the real Embracing Insanity to read!

    Since you asked, yes, I celebrated National Cow Week(!!), and summer started a few months ago technically for me, but nerd that I am I can’t help but do school stuff year-round, so it doesn’t really matter : P, and nothing very notable has occurred.

    And… Yay, you’re back!

    • Aloha says:

      *dies from excessive glompage* Oofta, Olivia, take it easy! πŸ˜€

      I’m glad I wasn’t kidnapped, too! πŸ˜‰

      Cool about NCW and your summer! It’s been about a month and a half for me, too, and I’m loving it, although I have to admit I haven’t been nearly as academically-inclined as you since school got out. πŸ˜›

      • Olivia says:

        Teehee, sowwy. :p *helps her up*

        I still haven’t been doing nearly as much as I would like. πŸ˜›

        Oh, yesh, and I forgot to say I was praying for you while you while you were gone. I’m glad you’re okay! XD

  6. Titania_Silk says:



    Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!

    Yay!!!! Aloha’s back!!!!

    Yes, I celebrated National Cow Week. I did so by writing a hakiu about a cow.
    Although I’m not sure that I told anybody that I was particapating. I was going to, but then I think I forgot. I dunno. I forgot if I forgot. >.<

    You're back!!!!!

    • Aloha says:

      Heya! *dies for the third time from a glomp-related injury*

      Cow haiku?! Please share!! There’s not much better than Japanese poetry about cattle. Seriouslah.

  7. I love you.
    I’m pretty sure I screamed when I saw your comment on my blog but I don’t remember, I was freaking out too bad. Then I freaked out some more. Then I freaked out some more. AND YOU’RE BACK! Can I say how awesomely excited I am? Especially since you got your life worked out in that time and it’s FABULOUS! And now I can blog about you without seeming stalkerish like I did while you were gone and you are so amazing and I missed you and your blog and your llamas sooooo bad! AHHH! And you’re back! And I lost the game and I am HAPPY! XD XD XD XD

    I’m going to shut up now and probably go cry tears of happiness. You are amazing.

    • Aloha says:

      You lost the game and you’re…. happy about it? I know you’ve had a lack of sleep lately, but Faith, this is serious. Get your doctor on the line and tell him it’s the Beiber Fever.

      –Or something.–

      XD You’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too kind, my friend. Seriously. I missed you a lot XD *glomps* And I missed reading your blog, too. I’m thrilled to be back and stalking YOU now!

      …That came out wrong.

      • Oh no. That sounds kind of serious. I better get it checked out, I don’t know if I could survive bieber fever XD

        *glomps back*

        And we can stalk each other!

        And that sounds kind of weird as well….. Oh well, stalking is good for people.

  8. Seashell says:

    Welcome back! I’ve missed reading your posts.

  9. draagyn12 says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!

  10. Nia says:

    OH MAN YOU’RE BACK ALOHA!!!! *Glomps massively*

    When blogger told me, I got annoyed, because I thought it was being all lie-y.

    • Aloha says:

      *dies of glompage for, like, the fifth time in this comments section*

      Nope, no lie! It’s good to be back. I missed you all πŸ™‚

  11. Tangy says:


    Kind of sad that it happened to be the first day of the time I decided to take a few days off, but… whatever. I’m so glad!

  12. The Llama is back. . . in a hat! Or a fedora. . . hey, llama and fedora rhyme. Kinda. /gibberish

    ALOHA IS FINALLY BACK! Do I glomp you or kill you or pretend like I don’t care? *brains explodes from trying to decide*

    And furthermore, how DARE you come back right when I go on my own internet hiatus?? *sigh* I guess I’ll have a lot of coolness to read when I’m really back and not just using my limited email time checking blogs. I’d better come back quickly or you’ll have so many HFGs up my computer will implode anyways. (I’ll ductape my computer just to be safe.)

    • Aloha says:

      Aw, well have fun on hiatus! I can promise you it’s kinda relaxing…. so enjoy it =D Hey, that’ll give me time to catch up on your blog, which I’ve been looking forward to!

      Don’t worry, I’ll attempt to space out the HFGs with “normal” posts. LOL.

  13. annanm says:

    Holy hamsters, I’m late to the welcome back party. But yay! Aloha’s back!
    *runs around in circles*

  14. Tigers Eyes says:

    *only just found out you’re back*
    =D I missed you so much! I checked every other day, then the exams came up and I had to stop. I decided to stop by today- and yay!! *tackle-glomps*

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