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Support the Netflix Relief Fund

This made me laugh– but in some ways I think it’s the reaction a lot of people had. Sorry for the (again) lame post– we’re coming home from vacation today, though, so look forward to REAL posts starting tomorrow!

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HFG: Edward Elric

 Name: Edward Elric Source: Fullmetal Alchemist Age: 15 Personality: Generally hotheaded, leap-before-you-look. But he’s brilliant, and extremely hardworking and talented. Bio: After his mother died, Edward and his younger brother Alphonse attempted to bring her back to life using alchemy. … Continue reading

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Please Enjoy This Picture of a Llama

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How to Cure Writer’s Block

Well, that’s one way to do it. I’m starting a novel next month– anyone wanna word war? (SANS grasshopper!! We can decide on a different punishment. :D)

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Guest Post- What Are You Going to Do?

You’ve heard from me (obviously), my mom, and my sister (kinda)…. so it’s my dad’s turn to guest post! Taking a break from our usual llama-filled prose, he’s here to share a bit about plans for the future and the … Continue reading

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YouTube’s Latest Feature: Funny or Flop?

I’m not sure when exactly they first debuted the technology, but my friend pointed it out to me last week—YouTube has installed a little button on the bottom of most videos. It’s a little rectangle with “CC” on it: . … Continue reading

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The Reality of Airplanes

Well, yesterday’s post looked at the ideal flight—coloring books, writing, contemplating the view in relative contentment. Reality is a little more harsh. My brother complained the entire way, the little girl behind me kicked my seat for an hour and … Continue reading

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5 Reasons I Don’t Mind Airplanes

Today we’re flying to visit my grandparents for the week (and it’s a long trip). Jet lag? Yes. Too many people? Certainly. A disturbing lack of wifi from thousands of feet up in the air? You know it. But there’s … Continue reading

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Is It Weird to Cry at Fiction?

I only ask because it seems I’ve been doing this a lot lately. (Then again, I’ve been reading and watching pretty emotional stuff.) In your opinion, is it normal/understandable to cry when reading books or watching television? What constitutes the … Continue reading

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Last Friday Night Parody

Song: Last Friday Night by Katy Perry, link (It does have a few bad words in the actual version… but if you sing the parody loud enough, you can drown them out :D) . There’s ten notebooks in my bed and … Continue reading

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