Goodbye, Gunslinger Girl, Hello, Biology

Ah, the bittersweet taste of the end. One of my favorite anime has finally come to a close, and I’m happy and yet sad.

If anyone else has read or watched Gunslinger Girl, it’s basically about a bunch of cyborg assassins in the bodies of young girls rescued from certain death. They’re brainwashed and sent to kill (because obviously you’re not going to suspect an 11-year old girl with a violin case of trying to murder you) enemies of the state. Each cyborg is paired with a man who acts as her guide, trainer, and protector. The series is set in Italy and so it’s got gelato, Vespas, Italian art, and all this other good stuff. The first two episodes can be watched for free online here, subbed or dubbed.

But I wouldn’t recommend the series if you can’t handle gore. *laugh*

Anyway, I just finished the last episode of the second season today and I’ve got that usual bittersweet feeling. It was an okay ending, although not how I wanted it. Luckily the manga has 12 volumes out and is still ongoing in Japan, so it’s not totally the end 🙂

In other news, there’s been a lot going on around the barn lately. In November we started having problems with my horse, and both my jumping instructor and my 4H leader told us it was strictly behavioral. We tried to work through it ourselves, but had no luck. In April we took Aloha (the four-legged one) to a stable a few hours away for training to see if that would help. The lady who was supposed to “retrain” her noticed she wasn’t walking quite right…. one vet check later and we find out that Alli had partial lameness in three of her legs and a sore hip to boot. The vet prescribed three to four months of stall rest. A couple of weeks ago, however, a nasty natural disaster caused us to have to evacuate the stable she was at, so we brought her back home. Now I’m hand-walking her, feeding her way too many carrots (she’s already fat from her three-month layoff), and the vet is optimistic that she’ll be ride-able again in late fall.

Basically that’s how things are. In the meantime I’ve been working a lot on art, which I’m excited to show you all (once I scan it, of course). I’ve got a few early works up on my DeviantArt account here. (Nothing good yet, but you’ll just have to wait!) If you +watch me, I’ll +watch you! 😀

So that’s pretty much it…. We’re going to be down at my grandma’s house (where I wrote this and this) this weekend for the Fourth. I’m looking forward to it a lot, although hopefully the internet won’t go sketchy on us like last year!

Unfortunately, no mucking races. No zombie prom. I might bring Artemis Fowl along, though, just for old times’ sake.

….So I’ve gotta go pack, and I think we’re going to the bookstore tonight to stock up for the trip. Yessss 😀 There’s nothing better than a bookstore, except maybe a library. And a barn. And a llama farm. Possibly an anime convention.

Or a horse-and-llama farm with free books hosting an anime convention and serving cheesecake and chocolate milk!

….Excuse me while I go die for a while.

The only real downer for the summer is that my biology teacher assigned us homework. Current events, once a week for a month. You also have to reply to a bunch of other peoples’ one-page-summaries, read about all this biology-related stuff, take “learning style quizzes”, and study the textbook you get at registration for a test the first day of school.


The best part is, I didn’t know about it until last week. My sister hands me the phone and it’s my new biology teacher explaining the homework.

Would it have been wrong to hang up? Probably. Would I have failed the preliminary grades? Most definitely.

Would it have been immensely satisfying?


Rambling aside, I didn’t, but I’ve yet to do this week’s homework. I’m kind of hoping I’ll get some sudden inspiration to do it this weekend. Like every procrastinating teenager does.

If anyone happens to have some fascinating biology-related bit of current events, be a lifesaver and send me a link!

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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1 Response to Goodbye, Gunslinger Girl, Hello, Biology

  1. Olivia says:

    Aw, poor Aloha (the four-legged one)! I hope she gets better soon.

    Aw, poor Aloha (the two-legged one)! Although, I am quite fond of biology. “Quite fond” doesn’t begin to describe it. When I did biology, I pretty much abandoned my friends because I was having too much fun reading about cellular respiration and DNA. Yeah. But anyway. If I find any current biological events, I’ll let you know.

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