HFG: Zero (New Format!)

So while I was on hiatus, I got some ideas to spice up the HFGs, so they’re more like an actual informative post and less like a filler full of eye-candy and fangirl spasms. So here’s how things will work from now on (along with one of my personal favorite HFGs!).

Name: Zero Kiryu

Age: 17, I believe. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Source: Vampire Knight (manga and anime)

Appearance: llama

Personality: Ever since Zero’s parents and twin brother were murdered by vampires 4 years ago, he’s been reserved and quiet, as well as harboring a grudge against the entire vampire race. Throughout the series, Zero is probably the angstiest member of the cast– and the theme is pretty much “angst and blood, romance and tension, BUCKETS!”. (It would make sense if you read it XD) The only time Zero ever really lets down his guard is with Yuuki (the protagonist), although there’s an enormous amount of tension between them, too, for reasons better unexplained until you read it. (Please do, it’s an amazing series, and the anime is really well-done as well! I’m not really a vampire love-triangle kind of person, but I thoroughly enjoyed VK.)

Bio: Zero is a Day Class student at Cross Academy. Yuuki and Zero act as the guardians of the school. At Cross Academy, there are two types of students–the Day Class and the Night Class. What the Day Class doesn’t know is that the Night Class is full of vampires. That is the secret that Zero and Yuuki must protect. But Zero has a secret of his own….

Aloha’s Rendition: cheesecake

Other: In the English dub of the anime, he’s voiced by Vic Mignogna (my favorite voice actor ever <3<3). Although there’s a huge dispute over whether or not Vic was a good choice for the role, and I agree he probably would have made a better Headmaster Cross, I still think Vic managed to do Zero justice. If anyone else has seen the anime and has an opinion, I’d love to hear it.

Tagline: “Drinking blood on school grounds is strictly prohibited.”

Fun fact: The author of the original manga was worried that Zero wasn’t cool enough to compete against the other main love interest, Kaname, in the love triangle. However, after VK was published and a fan survey was taken, Zero had a huge margin of popularity over Kaname! Maybe it’s cause he’s the bad boy, maybe it’s because of his awesome hair, and maybe it’s because his name looks so much cooler in kanji (in my opinion). Speculation is pretty much pointless.


So, let me know what you guys think of the new HFG format! Too much? Not enough? Would you rather have links to the pictures (for space’s sake) or embed them (for convenience)? I can do either.

Also, I’ve got a lot of HFG in store for us, but if you have a hot fictional guy in mind, don’t hesitate to let me know! I’d love suggestions.


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5 Responses to HFG: Zero (New Format!)

  1. Titania_Silk says:

    But I liked it the first way!

    Also, it seemes to me that this format is too cluttered. It may be just me, or it may just be because there was so much information, but for me it was really hard to get through.

    But…. Hi! 🙂

    • Aloha says:

      Thanks for the imput! We’ll try to figure out the best HFG format possible. I think the poll showed that people think we need components of both, so we’ll work on that.

  2. Kirsten says:

    I liked this format a lot more than the other one. I don’t know, but I felt like this was more informative. However, maybe you could have a specific section where you can fangirl, if you want. Oh, and please draw all the past HFGs! Your drawing was very good.

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