What’s This? A Song Parody?

A Death Note (L) tribute to the tune of FAME by Irena Cara (link), with original lyrics (link) (And if you’ve never heard of Death Note, 1. Fix this immediately!! and 2. here’s the wikipedia page….)

*instrumental opening*

Raito, look at me

And tell me what you see

You ain’t seen the best of me yet

Give me time; I’ll make you regret the past…

I’ve got life in me

Without Ryuk’s eyes, you can’t see

Now that this chain connects our hands

You’ll never know who I am!

Try to discover my name (Name!)

But I’m gonna live forever

I’m gonna laugh when you die (Die!)

I feel it coming together

I bet even Matsu won’t cry (Shame!)

I’m gonna make it to heaven

Light will go down in flames (Flames!)

I’m gonna live forever

Raito, discover my name

(Uncover, discover, uncover, discover, uncover, discover, uncover, discover)


I’m gonna kill you, Light

My justice will make things right

You can shoot me but I won’t stop

To a heart attack I won’t drop

I’ll admit that you’re tough

My proof is not enough

There’s never been any higher stakes

But I’ve got what it takes

(Name!) I’m gonna live forever

But first I’ll make you die (Sigh)

I feel it coming together

Even your Misa won’t cry (Shame!)

I’m gonna make it to heaven

Light will go down in flames (Flames!)

I’m gonna live forever

Raito discover my name

(Uncover, discover, uncover, discover, uncover, discover, uncover)


(Name!) I’m gonna make it to heaven

Light will go down in flames (Flames!)

I’m gonna live forever

Raito, discover my name

(Uncover, discover, uncover, discover, uncover, discover, uncover)

Discover my name (Name!)

I’m gonna live forever…

But I can’t wait till you die



So…. if you had no idea what that was about… basically there’s a guy named L. He’s fighting against a guy named Raito, or Light. Said opponent can kill anyone in the world as long as he has their name and face. The series is basically Raito trying to learn L’s name (so he can kill him) and L trying to get evidence to convict Raito of being a mass murderer.

Fun stuff. Night everybody!


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10 Responses to What’s This? A Song Parody?

  1. Nia says:

    Cool. xD

    One of my friends and I spent fifteen minutes yesterday trying to explain to my gf what Death Note is. “It’s about this guy! With a notebook! And he kills people by writing their names in it. Except only bad people!”

    “…So he goes around killing serial killers? Eheheheheh…”

    • Aloha says:

      XD Awesome.

      I love Death Note. But my parents don’t really get it… and I made my sister watch the Live Action movie, but all she said was, “This Light guy is a psychopath.”
      Did you finish it?

      • Nia says:

        I read the entire manga series and watched random episodes of the anime. My mom got me the Live Action movie for my birthday, but it turned out to be in Blu-ray so I can’t watch it. xD

      • Aloha says:

        Ah, that sucks 😮 It’s on Netflix, if you have that, or (?) maybe Blockbuster? I’ m sure you can find it somewhere– it’s totally worth watching. The CGI Shinigami looked really cool, if not slightly out of place among the real acting. And you could say that the ending was more satisfying for L fans 😀

        I’ve done the opposite–seen the entire anime and then random books of the manga.

  2. I started reading this manga once but then… Life happened. But I’m going to read it as soon as I finish the manga I’m currently reading. L is just too hot to not read his manga.

    • Aloha says:

      ….How far have you gotten, then?

      You should finish it XD I’ve read about six or seven volumes of the manga, seen all of the anime, and watched two of the live-action movies (several times each XD). L is definitely my favorite character….. although one of my main goals in life is to get an evil laugh like Light. (It puts Dr. Horrible to shame!)

      I might cosplay as Misa for Halloween. I’m not sure yet. 🙂

      • I got like a chapter in. All I remember is that there was this really freaky spider… Unless… No I think that’s bleach XD Or maybe it’s both? I don’t remember.

        Dr. Horrible to shame? Nooo! Maybe I had better not watch the anime and just read the manga…

        Haha, you should. That would be awesome even though I don’t know who Misa is. I just know that cosplaying sounds awesomesauce.

      • Aloha says:

        Okay, umm…. There was a Hollow shaped kinda like a spider in the first chapter of Bleach, so that’s probably what you’re thinking of….. Death Note starts out with a boy in a classroom, then he looks outside just as a black notebook falls from the sky…. So no spiders 😀

        No, seriously, it’s EPIC! There’s even a Youtube video of the laugh in all 12 languages the anime’s been translated into. It’s so cool XD

        Misa…. well, here: link Except I have a skirt and tank top that’s a LOT more modest than most of the stuff she usually wears.

        She may look ditzy, but she kicks butt (whenever she’s not totally lovestruck with Light LOL)

  3. That’s probably what it is. I remember my brother watching Bleach 😀 That’s how I know that. And I couldn’t find Deathnote at the library :/ I’m going to actually have to read it on the internet.

    Hm… Maybe I shall listen to it after all.

    Haha! She looks awesome. I bet you will look epic cosplaying her. I think I’m going to get serious about reading manga once I finish finals so I can cosplay a character for Halloween. That would be awesome.

    • Aloha says:

      Cool, yeah, Bleach is epic 😀 I haven’t seen a WHOLE lot of it, and I’ve only read six or seven of the manga, but it’s one of those “in-between other series” for me. Right now I’m hooked on Baccano, but it’s only 16 episodes :(.

      If you want a link to just the scene with the laugh of epic doominess (it probably has spoilers though) I can give it to you, depending on whether or not you want to watch and read the whole series or not.

      Yeah, cosplaying is a blast 😀 I have a Link (Zelda) and Ensign Star Trek cosplay right now (Mom: of course you can’t be the Captain! I am!), but neither of them would work particularly well for an anime convention I want to go to next summer with some friends. I’m thinking either Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist, Misa from DN, or Maka Albarn from Soul Eater. All are blonde and totally kick butt 😀

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