An Angsty Guest Post

I finally convinced my mom to do a guest post for you guys, since she’s recently started her own blog for our family and wanted to practice. Hope you like it!

Heydy ho there blog people.  I can’t believe she asked.  Two legged Aloha asked if I would guest blog for her.  Does she trust me?  Does she think she’ll get to edit what I write?  Is she even worried a little bit that I will embarrass her?  Maybe this is all a cruel trick she is playing on me and she has no intention of posting what I write.  Well, a mom can hope.  After all…she did moderate my one comment I made on her blog and she actually let it slide…..

So what to write about?  Well since I’m not really into her hot fictional guys…. (I do have a really hot REAL one for my very own….) and the only parodies I’m into were written in the 80’s by Weird Al….  and I don’t do fan art……… I’m at a loss to continue on one of Aloha’s themes….

But I could go back to one of her blogs in October of last year and comment on that.  She wrote one called Kingdom Angst .  I think she summed up what I’ve been feeling the last couple of years…. Only I don’t view it as a “I better do something before I’m old” mindset because I’m already old..…. I view it more of “I better do something while I’m still breathing on this planet” mindset.

The last two years or so I’ve felt a stirring that there is way more I should be doing in my life to live out the whole Gospel.  Why was I born into such privilege in this century on this continent?  What difference does knowing Christ mean to me living in suburbia in 2011?  I’ve read a few books that have helped me ask some good questions….

Books like:   Radical by David Platt, Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, The Missional Mom by Helen Lee, A Hole in the Gospel by Richard Stern, Is That Really You, God?  By Loren Cunningham

I even had a chance to share some of these thoughts recently in a church service.  We had all just learned at VBS that God is Wild About Us…. So I paraphrased Matthew 22: 37-40 to …Be Wild About God and Be Wild About Others as our response to God being Wild About Us….  How do we do that?  Well….. Jesus told us…. In Matthew 25… he gave us a list of things to do to show we’re wild about others….. feed people, give them clean water, clothes, visit the sick, visit those in prison…. TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE….

Well, I feel like we’ve been doing a lousy job of that.  Sure, we write checks when we need to…we drop coins in the red bucket outside the store at Christmas….but is that  really following through on what Jesus meant?  Is my heart where it needs to be?  How about my time?  My priorities?

So here we are…. Aloha and Mom both feeling this angst to live out Matthew 22 and 25.  We’re praying.  We’re seeking.  We’re listening….  We’re anticipating what God is going to show us…  Pray we have the courage to get off our bondoonies* and follow through.

My friend, another like-minded blogger mom, (yeah…..I’m talking about you, Cara….) sent me this link recently:


We’re going to start here to make a difference.  I double dog dare you to try a couple too….  Let Aloha know which ones you’ve done…..  Let’s spur each other on….

Deep enough for you?  Maybe a bit too much.  She may never want me to guest write again…if that’s the case, I said my piece.  Next time I will gush about some of my favorite HFG’s…. for those of us over 40….  Let’s see…..  Indiana Jones, Thomas Magnum, Jean Luc Picard, Mr. Darcy, Gilbert Blythe, James Bond, Jack O’Neal, all of the guys from The Outsiders, Red Dawn, St. Elmo’s Fire, Edward from Pretty Woman…..  I’m on a roll now…maybe I better start my own blog.  Yeah that’s the ticket….

BTW……  I do like chocolate milk and cheesecake….but llamas with hats are sick and wrong.

About the author: Aloha’s mom is a substitute teacher and a private chauffeur to us kids. She also makes a mean mango salsa.


* Mom’s word for “butt”.

About Aloha

A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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10 Responses to An Angsty Guest Post

  1. melsar93 says:

    This is all kinds of awesome. Great post Mrs. Aloha’s Mom.

  2. annanm says:

    A very eloquent and thoughtful post, Mrs. Aloha’s Mom.
    Though it must be added as a PS that the sick, twisted nature of Llamas with Hats is what makes it so entertaining. Except for the fourth one. That was just a little too gross.

  3. melsar93 says:

    Mango Salsa Recipe please.

  4. Aloha, I love your mom. Almost as much as mine 🙂 This was very nice post. And I am so showing my mom that list.

  5. Cara says:

    Ha!! You know I’m so the silent stalker here :). Love this! Ps…welcome back Aloha. My reader has been lonely without you and your ever growing band of hot fictional guys 😉

    • Aloha says:

      Hey Cara! Mom told me she gave you my URL 😀 Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Don’t worry, during hiatus I collected a BOATLOAD of HFGs. I’m just trying to space them out in consideration for your computer’s CPU drive…. the fan would break if all this hot came out at once! 😉

  6. Autumn says:

    Aloha’s Mum, that was a fbulous post. Start your own blog and get your ideas out in the world now!!!!!!!!
    Aloha, where are those HFG’s , waiting!!!!!!!

  7. BushMaid says:

    * waves frantically to Aloha’s Mum * Your daughter is awesome, and now I can see why! Thankyou so much for your fabulous post! 😀 😀 Please give Aloha a hug for me.

  8. Aloha's Mom says:

    Hey Everyone! Aloha Mom here…. I’ve been reading your comments and appreciating every one. Thanks for your kind words. For a long time I didn’t get how Aloha could be so attached to you all since she’s never met you. Now I get it. You do get a glimpse into her heart and you offer her back love and encouragement in a different way than I can…. THANK YOU! She makes me so proud to be her mom… I never knew she liked my mango salsa…. The things you can learn from reading someone’s blog….. It really isn’t fancy. I just put the things in it that I like and kind of made it up. 3 mangos diced, 3 cucumbers diced, chopped green onions, cilantro, lime juice, salt and fresh ground pepper….. That’s it…. Take it out by the pool with a bag of scoop shaped tortilla chips and a glass of iced tea…. perfect.

    **Big Wave back to BushMaid**

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