Hyperlinks Galore

So today I’d like to share some websites I’ve found lately that I thought were really cool. (Because I spent all my allotted blogging time watching Shuffle! tribute videos :D)

The Spinning Stream is a 24-hour free online radio station that plays all Nintendo music, all the time. Twice a week they have podcasts hosted by gamers, one Zelda-themed and one Pokemon-themed. You can request music for throughout the week, and during the podcasts you can win extra requests through trivia quizzes and the like. It’s really neat, and in the short (read: very short :P) time I’ve been there, the people have been extremely nice. There’s a well-put-together chatroom as well. I’m Aloha over there, too.

This blog is written by a fellow NaNoWriMoer, Izzi. It’s a fairly new blog, and she’s on a short hiatus right now for vacation, but she’s funny and I think the rest of us can relate!

I didn’t realize it before, because I watch everything on Netflix, but you can watch almost every Funimation-released anime (hundreds of them) for free on their website. You can pick between subbed and dubbed for the majority of them, and although you have to watch a commercial or two, the quality is a heck of a lot better than YouTube.

I’m super excited for the Ouran High School Host Club live-action series coming out in Japan (although they don’t have a North American release date yet D:). Anyway, check out the actor playing Tamaki. REAL LIFE hot fictional guy! (….you know what I mean.) Isn’t he adorable?

My favorite YouTuber ever (although he’s kinda quit now, is on Vimeo). His username is Cohenism. He’s awesome, and he can play the piano like nobody’s buisness.

Probably the most-viewed page on my browser. (Just kidding….


kind of…..)

And if you feel your llama knowledge isn’t up to par, here’s a refresher course on everything you need (or want) to know about our furry, long-necked friends!

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A teen writer and future world ruler. Llamas make me happy.
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