Series Overview: Sands of Destruction

At first, Sands of Destruction looks like any normal anime series targeted at action-lovers. There’s a fierce warrior girl and a slightly (read: completely) wimpy guy, along with a “teddy bear” who can kick butt. They’re trying to figure out how to use a magical device to their advantage, and combating a lot of bad guys in their travels around their fantasy world.

Only one difference: the bad guys are actually good, and based on how you look at it, the good guys aren’t so great.

If you like rooting for the misunderstood underdog, such as Dr. Horrible, then chances are you’ll like SoD. Said warrior girl, a teen vigilante named Morte, is trying to destroy the world– for its own good. The “wimpy sidekick”, a very cute (HFG material) guy named Kyrie, is helping her, and in the process helping all the innocent people they come across. And the teddy bear, far from being another promotional ploy to sell plush (say that five times fast), just wants to be looked up to by everyone. Even though he doesn’t quite reach their knees.

It’s quirky, but it works.

Basically, the world that SoD takes place in is different from our own in three ways. First, instead of being 70% water, the planet’s oceans are made entirely of sand. Second, animals can walk, talk, dress, fight, and have overpowered humans to hold the power in the country. And third, there’s a mystical device called the Destruct Code, said in legends to have the power to blow up the entire world.

Morte, Kyrie, and Toppy make up the World Destruction Committee. Already in possession of the elusive Destruct Code, all they have to do is figure out how to make it work, and put the humans out of their enslaved misery.

Their opponents call themselves the World Salvation Committee, and their main representatives’ only goal is to bring back all three members of the WDS, dead or alive, and the Destruct Code intact; so that the animals can continue ruling the earth with an iron…. er…. paw.

It’s a race for time that could determine the fate of the planet– but somehow you find yourself rooting for the people trying to destroy it.

It’s rated TV-14, probably mostly for violence. Some of the characters aren’t exactly following school dress code, but so far (I’m only about five or six episodes in) there’s no nudity, gore, or language, that I can recall. It’s all fantasy violence.

It’s not the intense, mind-boggling awesomeness of Fullmetal Alchemist, but Sands of Destruction is fun. A good intro to shounen anime as a whole, and pretty light. As a plus, I absolutely adore the opening theme song.

Here’s the first episode (dubbed, although you can watch it subbed on the same site), and as an added plus, it’s legal! 😉 Let me know if you enjoy it.

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